LaPorta "optimistic" he'll play Sunday

Ha, saw that too. WTF.


Meinke just tweeted LaPorta says he got his reps in after media left practice.


If he’s able to actually get out and practice that’s unreal. Have to think there’s a pretty good chance he plays.

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What’s up with Teddy not practicing?

Obviously don’t wanna see him Sunday. But still is he hurt?


Hey, all I’m saying is:

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Keep sacrificing those chickens people


Sam “Rubber Knees” LaPorta

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@farmerted we got this

Hoodoo, voodoo, santeria, grab your rosaries, all kinds of religious sacrifices/ceremonies welcome if it gets laporta on the field healthy


Wow! What incredible and awesome news.

Surely, the Lions wouldn’t put him at further risk of injury would they :crossed_fingers:.

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That’s good news an he still has 3 days to heal more an get treatment since game is Sunday Night.

If he can go like 20 snaps would be major for the team. With Wright back an Mitchell they can carry rest of the snaps.

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I’m doing my part…

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I’m curious too. He hasn’t played all season except for a few kneel downs, right?

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Rogers is usually decent

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From his lips, LaPorta Interview:

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The Philadelphia Flyers medical staff tried to put Eric Lindros on a plane with a collapsed lung. According to doctors, it would have killed him. I’m a strong believer in Trust but Verify.

And let’s not forget about Tua. Obvious concussion he had.

@socko, very well stated. Trust but verify is very true.

In listening to the LaPorta interview it’s hard not to think he’s playing. Go get’m Sam!