Last two times the Lions picked at #2

2010: Ndamukong Suh
2007: Calvin Johnson

Both years, there was a garbage franchise picking ahead of them and botched the pick.

This year, a garbage franchise picks ahead of them and most likely botches the pick.

History is on our side here.


I like the way you think!


Who do we think the garbage franchise is taking this year at #1OA to botch the pick?

In 2007, it was ABA–Anybody But Adams (Gaines)

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LT Neal…but that would actually be a good pick for JAX, so they prob wont do it.

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Would it be a great pick? Great athlete but I hardly see him as a slam dunk. If you told me he ended up being the next Greg Robinson it wouldn’t be surprised one bit. The opposite is true as well of course. That’s not a #1OA OT profile. With those guys there is usually very little dissenting opinions about.

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Let’s not talk about who we took with the #2OA pick before Calvin …

Hint… The guy that had 8 kids with 4 women, two of which were before he graduated HS…may he RIP


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I remember when the Red Wings got screwed in two straight NHL draft lotteries – one where they were the worst team in the NHL by a wide margin, and still dropped to fourth overall.

I bitched and I bitched.

Steve Yzerman took that bad luck and drafted … Moritz Seider and Lucas Raymond.

It’s more about the evals and the people doing the picking than it is the draft slot. As evidenced by the teams that are competing for Super Bowls every year, but draft nowhere near the top of the first round.


I said this in another thread, but if Sewell was in this draft he’d going 1st overall to the Jags.


The full history this century. Promising and frightening, all at once. :thinking: