Last years finish matched!

That is outstanding gentlemen. We finished 2022 8-2. We have started 2023 8-2. If you are still one of the doubters… go home and stay there. You do not deserve this team. I saw lesser men crumble yesterday. But not this team.


For the real fans. Enjoy every mininute of this. Highs dont mean shit without a little rollercoaster action. Dont shit in your own cereal for fun like the SOLF. They are doomed. Dont let thier toxicity bring you down. Quantum entanglement is real.


Also GMFB is going to eat JAMO’s oreo mcflurry double on thursday morning!

That comes to 16 - 4 over the last 20 games!


Having a couple games like this is super healthy for a team that hasnt overcome much difficulty this year. We did against the Chiefs. We didnt come back in Baltimore and fell short against the Seahawks. We somewhat dominated the rest of the games so far.

We will most likely face situations being down like this in the playoffs. The players now know they can come back despite all odds.

This is huge in the grand scheme of things. Overcoming adversity is always a good thing.

no OP we started 2023 at 0. and up to now, we have 8 wins and 2 losses , we didn’t start 2023 8 & 2 .

As of today we have started the 2023 season 8-2. Im sorry if you can’t understand that.


I pleasantly agree to disagree. For each season is a fresh new start and you start with 0 until you begin to win, and if you win the FIRST regular-season, game…you are 1/0–win the next …you are 2/0 and so on: catch a loss , then your are 2 & 1…but you don’t start NEW seasons with a handful of wins in hand…and you cannot count what you have done from the season-prior.