Late Lions beat writer Tom "Killer" Kowalski inducted into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame

He was a good’n. You felt none of that separation between himself and the fans. He was one of us.

Storied Lions beat writer Tom Kowalski among Michigan Sports Hall of Fame inductees -


“I’ll Kill you guys tomorrow”


All of today’s beat guys combined could not carry one of his pubes. Meinke and Carlos would quit after lift attempt 2.

“Pubes” Kowalski was a good one. RIP Killer.

Killer represented the fans. His lost was too soon. Never was a fan of Mlive’s Kyle Meinke

I enjoyed Tom’s columns. He was a great columnist. Very honest, no personal agenda & he wasn’t about bringing attention to himself like other writers.

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Last of the Mohicans baby!

He was the real deal. Actually knew football, and called it as he saw it. Didn’t write garbage just to get attention.

In other words, the opposite of every current beat writer.

OIP tom-selleck2

Killer always reminded me of an old Tom Selleck. I’m not sure who’d of won a “Stache-off” between the two.

Well deserved recognition for a influential sports writer.

Older posters on here wonder how i got some Lion info before others here an even media knew about it.

Tom contacted me in a IM an asked me to email him which i did.

H e asked me if I would post some things he would send me an not say where i got the info from i told him i would be glad to post.

So every once in awhile I would get email an i would post on the den. I never told the den until now , I never met him just got emails never asked questions just posted as if I knew it an it was really from Tom.

There is one poster I told when he died about my source . I miss him an his Lion reporting . What we have now is bad really bad most looking for a better gig like with ESPN , they look for negative news not positive .

What some said all they want is clicks not report as a fan.
Tom gave us the Lion story from a true fan an I enjoyed every article an listen when ever he was on radio or TV.

I do miss him to this day a great Lion Fan an reporter.

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I believe he had heart attack and looked bit like Matt Millen too

It hasn’t been even close to the same without him.

Coyote12 effectively became Killer’s burner account. Cool stuff.

It wasn’t like every day email maybe over few seasons like 6 or 7 but was always on here before it major media in detroit

He did die from heart attack while he was at home in shower. He had been on radio just few hours earlier.

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