Lawn care

On the other message board, we had TurfGuy and a few others who enjoyed lawn discussions. Just curious if anyone over here is a fellow lawn nut. Care to show off any projects or work?

Turfguy is Cynodon I believe.

I didn’t catch that was the same person. Thanks!

I have big plans this year. I want to double the size of my garden, and put in some apple and cherry trees. I also want to set up a couple of bird houses. One project I keep kicking around is to take a currently blank (grass only) space and set it up as a mini habitat. Nothing fancy, just a 20’x20’ or so space full of native plants.

I did a full reno last summer/fall. I converted my 1/3 acre yard from a mess of tall fescue and weeds to a Yukon Bermuda lawn. I think it took really well, and now I got my spring yard work already kicking off to try to get my lawn in good shape.

During my conversion last year, I had neighbors stopping me to ask what had happened and why my lawn died. By fall though, it was bouncing back strong and looked so much better.

I used to be a herbicide applicator. Apply that pre-emergent soon. 2-4 weeks. Or double dose. Rich people got that.

Lawn? what’s that?

Waiiiiiit, I think I get it now!

Very personal question, but yes – I do trim the hedges once in a while. Gotta keep from looking like a caveman, ya know?

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