Lazy experts

All of the so called experts said Hutchinson was gonna be a solid pro but not great. they said his potential was limited. he was a monster last year at michigan and did very well at the combine. his motor and drive have never been questioned so i don’t understand how so many could just write that his ceiling wasn’t very high. seems like lazy analysis to me


He has a better athletic profile than Thibs, but he got thrown into the “try hard white guy” niche anyways.

I can’t stop making the Jared Allen comparison. We truly found a “force multiplier” like we did with Suh.


Optimism is high based on several items, in ten days we will start to get answers. The first test is an excellent Philly OL.


Yup i saw reports that he’ll never be a 16sack a year guy, more just a 11-12 guy. Really? That’s ALL? do that for a 10yr career and you’re top 20 all time and hof. And that’s IF that’s all he did…ya I’ll take my chances on him lol


I always wanted Hutch. His floor is amazing and his ceiling is excellent as well. He is going to give you everything he has and he is “a football player.” This was a no brainer pick as witnessed by our sprint to the podium.

Thibs has a higher ceiling and lower floor. He certainly would have been a good pick if Hutch wasn’t there, but he has some questions that come with him. I still think he will be a great pro. I still believe Hutch will have a better career. But I will watch and see how he does as well.

So the experts are right in that Hutch is going to be a solid pro. As for limited potential, I think they are hitting the substances of choice a little hard.

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Hes got a chance to be next great. But so do a lot other of rookies

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It’s the safe way to be a journalist these days. Even if he is great they can say - “Hey I said he was going to be a good player and I was right”. If they say he will be a hall of famer and he is not they can’t hedge any. It’s cowardly but career effective.

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Prognostications around him are so all over the place that I STILL don’t know what his ceiling is like, but I do love his floor. I think he’s stepping into a higher floor every day and I’m starting to think his floor could be pro bowl most years, or borderline. Ceiling? who knows?

Bottom line → love me some Hutch!

LOL - Yup - I LOVE Suh though. Game-Wrecking MONSTER! I’d rather have him in his prime than damn near anyone.

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Yup - I’d be freakin’ shocked, if Thibz outperformed Hutch in his career. Maayyyybe a year or 2, but no way, on the whole. So thankful we got Hutch. We won’t see his ceiling for at least 2 years, IMO…more likely 3.

Next year, he will step into his athletic prime a lot more. Mentally, he will get a lot more solid as well.

It’s so easy to make the Jared Allen comparison because their measurables are virtually identical in every single category. It’s a crazy how similar they are. Even down to arm length.

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I was almost thinking that’s where they came from initially.
That said, I’d be super-happy if he turns out that good, and ELATED if he is better. Both are high motor guys. Let us see what Brother Hutch has in the tank. Love the guy and think he’s gonna be a good one.

Not saying i disagree with you, but he hasnt even played a game yet. Little early to be saying anybody was wrong.