LB play

Watching the playoffs makes me jealous of other teams.
Something I ALWAYS loved in football is excellent LB play.
You see the really good and great teams in the playoffs and there are so many guys making plays

Jealous! We have not had really great LB play in YEARS

Didn’t see a great list of free agent LBs. (One list has Jarrad Davis as the #2 available! Ha!)
How do the Lions get this fixed in two years?


I think JD needed a change of scenery but remember DC really giving him high praise before he left to the jets

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When the 49ers came to town in the 2nd week of the season, watching Warner and Greenlaw fly all over the field was impressive. Watching Warner yesterday was impressive, The lb from Georgia reminds me of Warner

Generally, better scouting/drafting. Despite the good LB play you’re seeing, most of those guys weren’t drafted all that high. Fred Warner might be the best LB in the game and he was a 3rd rounder. The rest of the SF corps was later than that. Matt Milano was a 5th rounder and is better than his more highly drafted running mate (Tremaine Edmonds, who’s underwhelmed). The only really highly-drafted LB to make an impact this weekend was Devin White, and he goes to shit when Lavonte David’s (2nd round) not next to him.

You are right and NOBODY on this team has shown the ability to be an every down starter. NOT ONE.


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