LB, Safeties look awful

Caveat- Barnes had a great night.

The rest look like they barely belong in the NFL.

Mid middle, deep middle gonna be uhhhhhgly


After watching Parsons flying around the field and Sewell struggling, Im wondering if we will regret that pick


The good news is I think Barnes will be the answer in the middle. Or one of the answers.

The bad news is we’ll have to wait until next year to upgrade that secondary.

Of course, Harris is still a young player but he should really be catching on by now.

Walker I think he’ll be okay.

But I want to draft some safeties next year.

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Doubt it. Derrick Barnes is a nice consolation prize.


I hope you’re right. But the Lionized part of me fully expects Sewell to be benched after losing confidence, Barnes on IR by game five and Parsons taking the DROY


Quinn could not evaluate talent in the secondary. He just couldn’t.

This has a high probability of happening IMO and that’s okay.

You got that right.

We’ll see. I still think Okudah and AO are going to be nice pros. I happen to think Walker will have a nice year as well. But in terms of veterans (and the Harris pick) BQ seems to have faired poorly.

Bob Quinn couldn’t identify talent anywhere.

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Has he played well? I haven’t watched Dallas play but Parsons was my choice and boxscore listed him with 2 tackles.

Am happy with what Barnes has shown so far, another guy I wanted us to take if we passed on Parsons.

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His athleticism has impressed

He’s seen limited playing time but so far he’s been playing at a high level. This past game there’s a clip if his blitzing from MLB and shedding a double team to get a QB pressure and hit

Imagine Parsons and Barnes patrolling the middle of our defense


Defense wins champion. Tbay defense fast, can get the QB and forces turnovers. No matter how great your QB is( Mahomes) if you have a great or good defense you will win more then lose.

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After 2 preseason games? Sigh

The secondary should be a much bigger concern than a rookie who played 2 preseason games.
Most of the Front 7 didn’t play yesterday but most of the starting secondary was intact and they were horrendous. Okudah, AO, Walker and Harris have to show something, anything this season or they’ll be on thin ice.

Nice cliche but not really. The last five Super Bowl winners were 3rd, 5th, 4th, 3rd and 3rd in scoring offense. They were 8th, 7th, 7th, 4th and 1st in scoring defense.

Balance wins championships.


To be fair I was wondering this same thing before any preseason games. Also nobody is making any declarations about it. Just speculating

We all knew the secondary was going to be garbage. That’s no surprise. I’m sure Okudah will play better than last year. But that’s because he quite literally could not be any worse

We’re gonna get hammered up the middle. :wink:
(you all know that’s what she said)
Susceptable to any sort of timing route, quick hitting stuff ("Hot route!..HOT route!..HOT ROUTE!!!)

DL and our DC may combine for enough talent and knowledge to prevent a lot fo deep stuff from developing, but we had some shitty tackling last night too. We may face lots of looooong, drawn out, boring drives that wear our D down.

We still need some help. 6-8 wins.
Swift, Hoch, or Goff goes down and we don’t win a game without 'em.

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If anyone really thinks tbay won last because of their offense idk what to say. But the year lion’s were at their best with Stafford they had a pretty good defense. Ravens both SB were because of their D. Last super bowl Brady won with NE defense. So if you have a average offense you can win. Plus new England 1st SB they won they stopped the Rams, who had one of they best offense ever. NE had a average offense. But balance is key, but I don’t think KC D was great when they won so I can see what you are saying