League wide cuts and cool names!

Yeah but we get iffy and Chase.
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Man there’s old school then there’s OLD school.

Yes and I’m challenging you on how big of an accomplishment that should be recognized as

Because any GM will have to draft somebody and bob was building a team.

In fact imo he didn’t draft oline great because he did it in such a staggered way , he really never had enough good oline players at one time.
He’d have needed 5 years of first round picks to build his oline.

So Graham stands out as a later not obvious pick, but Frank was the top center taken about where projected to go.

To me , it doesn’t scream fantastic oline drafting or good team building philosophy so I don’t give him a ton of credit for his oline drafting when the overall team building was so haphazard. He could’ve gotten lucky.

He’s got quite a few guys in the league grinding at end of rosters but I’m
Not sure that makes him above average either.

Overall performance was so poor as GM from the outside looking in that it’s hard for me to praise his oline drafting when he was GM while everything else sucked.

Is he doing stuff now regarding oline scouting if that’s his real strength ?

So, a cover of a Motown original by a basically Boston band on a Detroit board. Did you think I was going to let that slip by? Yep, I’m a Boomer and still here :upside_down_face:

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The quality of the guys he did were good. It’s disingenuous to say otherwise. The problem is that guys like Vatai(underperformed considering his contract) Ricky Wagner, TJ Lang didn’t pan out the way he thought they would. Quinn made a lot of missteps not just in the draft, but also in FA.

I guess I’m just petty on it
And think most any GM would hit in some so I don’t see it as proof he knew what he was doing given the overall results.

They played ragnow at guard

And yet look at our oline. It’s a top 3 unit. Why? A large part is the entire left side(Decker, Jackson, Ragnow). If it was so easy to draft Oline then everyone would have a good oline.

And Glasgow.

When GMs draft centers in the first round
How do they usually perform ?
Same with tackles

That would be just rate of average GMs vs when drafted

A philosophy of one good olineman a year will take time to build the good oline. He would’ve had better luck drafting all olineman and get that thing built in a year 1

Jamal Agnew Pro Bowl returner in 2022, 5th round pick
Tracy Walker Team Captain, led team in Tackles 2 out of the last 4 years, 3rd rounder
Will Harris key reserve at 3 positions, 3rd round pick
JRM Special Teams ace and will be a key backup this year, 4th round pick

All exceeded their draft pick off the top of my head in addition to the guys you mentioned. Heck even 7th round flyer Pat O’Conner got picked up by Tampa Bay and has been a backup DE there. The fact is Bob Quinn was NOT “bad” at drafting. Not when a ton of his draft picks are still in the NFL, when every team can only have 53 guys. How many of them for us or another team, are or were “foundational,” well the goalposts are moving now.

Lions Quinn acquisition starters:

BigV (or Glasgow)
Romeo (Harris right there too so debatable)
aaaaand The Legendary Jack Fox PB punter/QB extraordinaire

Lions Quinn acquisition 2nd stringers

Glasgow (Big V)

Lions Quinn acquisition deeper reserves


Every one of these guys are DC and BH approved in year 3 for them, and out of a ton of other options, chose to keep and in several cases re-acquire this many Quinn acquisitions. BH I believe said league wide you have about a 30% turnover every year. By those standards, a lot of OUR foundation was indeed due to BQ, or at least guys he had enough belief in to bring in. What the “chef” did with those groceries… is a completely different conversation as he downgraded everything he touched.

Am I a Bob Quinn fanboy? Heck no. Maybe if he’d hired Vrabel instead of Patricia, but he didn’t and THAT was why he failed here and was rightly fired for those bad calls.

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I’m not listing the OL because I’ve already mentioned those guys and I’ve given them enough praise already.

Walker? Not foundational, but a good player and definitely one of Bob’s better draft picks.
Agnew? Yup a really good KR and you’re right he was a good draft pick.
Romeo? Had 1 really good year, one solid year, and has been pretty much injury plagued for the rest.
MJJ? One of the best signings Quinn made. Absolutely.
Big V? For the money we acquired for him he’s been rather disappointing, but he’s been good when healthy.
Jack Fox? Yup again really good player
Cabinda? Solid FB. Again I don’t have the hate for him that everyone else has.
Hock? Might as well add him. Good recieving TE
Golladay? Good while he was here especially on 50/50 balls, but injuries were a problem for him.

Will Harris? He has turned into at least an average CB and I’m not quite the hater that everyone else is
JRM? Solid depth LB whose is really good on STs
Pittman? Depth LB whose is great on STs
Julian Okwara? Talented absolutely. Consistent? No. Injury plagued like his brother and not a starter, but I think he’s a good rotational piece.

You know what all those guys as a whole get you, plus all the FA picks and drafts that didn’t pan out? Mediocre(Which I already mentioned yesterday) and his teams reflected that. Bob Quinn was mediocre which is what I’ve been saying.

Now most of those holdovers/guys we brought back are slotted where they should be slotted at currently. Depth/rotational pieces and the ones that are starting aren’t difference makers, but they’re solid to good which every team needs to be fair.

If by BH’s own metrics (30% turnover per season), you look at the amount of BQ acquired players that have full enough approval to be here (a team we all agree should win this Division) this far down the line from when BQ brought them in, you have to give him a greater than “average” grade. That or you’ve got to start questioning BH/DC for these decisions to keep such “average” players around, or bring them back. It does not matter what a guy makes. It matters where they are on the roster and the win expectations of said roster. MANY of the BQ players are either starters or 2nd stringers and that’s just a fact you cannot deny on a team we all expect to win multiple playoff games this season with those players firmly established here under BH/DC’s authority. This is all like you say in ADDITION to the 4/5ths BQ Oline that we all feel should be one of the finest in the NFL.

It’s about impact @3rdRGR. Bob didn’t draft enough impact players except offensive line. Now if you’re not able to draft any impact players, especially at key positions(WR, pass rush, etc.) then you need to bring them in via FA right? Well what impact players did he bring via FA? MJJ was the best of the lot.

I mean it’s not that hard of a concept. If you don’t bring in enough quality “STARTERS”, whether that’s via FA or the draft, you’re going to fail and Bob ultimately failed because of it. Bob’s not here for a reason and yeah a lot of that is on Patricia, but then again who is the guy that brought Patricia in? Again another failure on Bob’s part.

Obviously he’s not the worst GM and I’ve never said that, but again I’m going to say this → He was mediocre and his teams and choices he made reflected that.

I did state that BQ wasn’t “great.” Which nicely aligns with your above statement. What I disagreed with, is what you said first. Was not about “impact players.” You said all but 4 or so “didn’t pan out.” Which just didn’t pass the smell test. 3rd round Safeties who end up a multi-year 100 tackle Team Captains panned out.

No I said they didn’t pan out the way we had hoped. There’s a difference. As in a lot of the non OL starters became either good “depth”or mediocre starters. My post above yours is pretty much the point of the entire conversation. One 3rd round safety, who has now become “depth” isn’t really a good argument.

Bob Quinn being fired was the result compounded by picking the worst head coach hire possible which no doubt hurt development of players

C’mon. That was a rehash of ONE of the MANY examples I put forth. You moved the goalpost, not me. Your original quote is clear and you’re just wrong, just man up about it. If you weren’t you wouldn’t have had to move the goalpost to “impact players.” Patricia was the alpha and omega reason why BQ is gone. Deservedly so.

I didn’t move the goalpost. He’s a good player. Never said he wasn’t, but he’s one of the better non OL players that Quinn drafted and now he’s really good depth behind 2 players that are better than him. What’s so hard to understand? The quality of our team has been elevated.

Edit: and to be clear I’m a Walker fan

Also the whole man up thing is childish and this conversation is getting a little tiresome. I have my view and you have yours.