Legitly, One of my favorite draft hopes is Matos if no Young

6’4 264 , 17.5 sacks means he can get QB pressure. Has a non stop motor, so he won’t give up on plays, A tick faster than Epensa , 35 tackles for loss , great coordination, can get out of a two-point stance to rush, and he has an impressive wingspan to bring down opponents.

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I really like the kid, though i worry that he will be picked when the Lions are not on the clock. I actually believe the 12 to 20 range and do not see the Lions picking in that range.


I do to and that is why I made this thread. He lost his real father in a drowning and his brother was struck and killed by lightning before Matos was 11 years old. , he focused on vehemently honing his craft at DE and playing football he’s damn near a perfect finished product and he has a lot of solid tools . Best thing is he can give a good pass rush. He seems like he’s smart and a very powerful/driven kid. But that is why I said I can see him being VERY useful in our defense when we lack pass-rushers.

hey I welcome all comers, if you have anything to say about YETUR -GROSS MATOS. for us @ DE…(if Young is a no go). chime right in ! :upside_down_face:

Possible to get Henderson and YGM at 9 and 20 or 12 and 19? Hopefully it’s a DTD and you still have 26 to sweep up another defensive starter while using 35 on RB…

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we have all the money we need to get whoever the &^!@ we ever want, hell last year they held onto $20 million extra /left over or sum chit…I’m not worried about contracts and money, we have enough to make the moves they want in spades, I think they do try saving where possible, it makes them look better, but that’s that.

I’m with you. He’s my #3 EDGE behind Young and Chaisson. His sack and tfl numbers also suffer for all the snaps (and there were a ton) where they rotated Matos out completely or lined him up inside, even at NT. His versatility didn’t do his stats any favors. But for us at LDE or even JACK ala Bryant, or reduced inside ala Hand, he’d be a perfect Patricia player.

I just think Chaisson played against better competition and is quite a bit twichier. G-M has more length, so he is more versitile. I think Chaisson is a straight JACK only in this system like Kennard was. But to me Chaisson and Anae would be superior to Gross-Matos and Terrell Lewis (JACK).

Right now, going into the home stretch, I’m for a TD to 6 with LAC. Taking Okudah there. Then trading up ahead of Dallas and snatching Chaisson. If we made the move and someone takes Chaisson, my very next choice would be Gross-Matos. He’s 1c at EDGE for me but I guy I really like and I think would be one of the better defensive fits for us in the draft period.

I LOVE the measurable’s this kid brings …He is a monster …Why did he not dominate week in week out . Matos did not have a single game where he caused mayhem …The tackles he faced were not Elite.
A kid with his size and intangibles should have been lighting teams up and he never did .

That causes me to pause on him anywhere in the 1st round .

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He had 17.5 sacks and 35 tackles for loss the past two years. He put up 9 tackles and 2 sacks against THE Ohio State Buckaneers.

Besides Chase Young and Curtis Weaver what pass rusher has produced more then Yetur Gross Matos?

Im hoping he drops to the 2nd round for us to take.

He was a 265lb NT on a lot of plays. Hard to dominate that way. But he did dominate a lot of snaps, especially when they allowed him to actually play DE. Do I like Chaisson better? Yup. Epenesa better? Nope.

Yet ppl here were talking about Epenesa at 3… I laugh every time I see stuff like that. It’s okay to not know how to grade a prospect, but they shouldn’t spout off and act like they know wtf they’re looking at.

I like the kid … his game against Ohio State was very good . 5 solo ,4 ast , 3.5 for loss, 2 sacks …His best game by far in 2019 , he had back to back games in 2018 against Indiana & Iowa that were brilliant and his best games ever …watch that tape and this kid is amazing . Other times against much worse competition he is ordinary and offers up very avg play …Why? This is what I’m talking about . How can you look so special in some games and be near invisible in others .

Espensa is better and got a 100 bucks says he is the better pro.
11.5 sacks just last year. His bad poor 40 time has people just over looking him now. His tape say all football player. Reminds me of speilman coming out.
I think 1 young 2 Espensa 3 Moto

I agree on Epenesa being a better pure DE, but I see him strictly as a DE…not an edge guy that can stand up in the NFL . I think Matos & Chaisson fit better here and have higher ceilings.

I’m with NYL on this one, Gross-Matos is one of the most frustrating guys to watch in the whole class. Whatever the numbers were, I saw him disappear for huge chunks of game. I saw him get fooled over and over again by misdirection and I don’t think I saw him sniff out a single screen pass. He’s definitely one of those guys who takes the cheese every time. I also think he piled up a lot of his stats when someone else flushed the play his way, and by chasing the play. I think along with Becton and Chaisson, he’s one of the biggest bust risks in the class.

That said, he has great flashes and I can’t deny that his ceiling is really high too. You wish he’d make a play earlier in the play but you can’t knock his hustle, he’s got one of the best motors around. And he looks like a fit for us - long and strong, but with better bend than most long and strong guys. I think if you can get him to slow down a little and pay attention to what’s happening around him a little more, maybe you can get more out of him than we’ve seen before. He’s an intriguing guy.

He’s also a high variance guy: high ceiling, low floor. He’d make me very nervous.

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I’d rather have Epenesa than Gross-Matos