Leon Washington

Wow. I didn’t know he is a coach on the Detroit Lions.

William Clay Ford Minority Coaching Assistantship program. Washington will assist with offense and special teams in 2019.

I was a big fan of him while he played for the Jets and Seahawks. He ran with passion and was great on Special Teams and RB. Too bad the Lions couldn’t get him as he went on to play for the Patriots and Titans.

Not much is talked about Special Teams but I thought the unit was solid in preseason. They didn’t give up big plays and had some pretty good returns. I believe having Leon is really going to boost this unit.

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This sounds like something out of the '80s Rooney Rule.

That’s basically what it is. The Rooney Rule states that you must interview a minority. The complaint is there aren’t enough qualified minority candidates. Part of the solution is to create a pipeline where you have quality candidates get into the system and work their way up to being qualified some day.


I don’t remember this guy.

That’s okay, pretty sure he doesn’t remember you either.

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