Let’s marinate in this for a bit

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That graphic is money :joy::joy::joy:

I’m gonna throw $100 on it

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These are strange feelings as a 3 decade Lions fan.


Each of the last 2 days I met, randomly, huge Lions fans who were positively giddy about the team…now and back in the day. I was wearing my Lions jacket, but I’ve worn it for years and years and gotten maybe 1 conversation.

2 absolutely fired up people in 2 days.

WHEN we win a Super Bowl, this entire state is going to relocate itself on the moon.


I think we’re going to see more and more closet Lions fans come out this offseason.

Especially if the Lions start the season by winning some games.


I know a few myself that will only show #onepride when the team is winning.

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Are you wearing the Axle Foley Jacket, bro?

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Not quite, doesnt quite have the letterman jacket feel that Axel’s has…

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I had one from the silver rush days.
It wouldn’t have fit these days, anyway…
It didn’t make it through the Ty Detmer/Mike McMahon era.

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Strange times we are living in.

We are the only team on that list that wasn’t in the playoff this year. And we have better odds than a few of the playoff teams, which includes the winner of our own division.

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I’ve been trained to see this stuff as the kiss of death.


Let us just get to the opening game and win that!

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I don’t recall ever seeing us in a top 10 position but I could have simply blocked it from memory.


I recall when the sporting news had the Lions as the favorite to win the SB.

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The year we lost to the Redskins in the playoffs… That was brutal, because we could’ve been anyone else… Nobody was going to beat the Redskins that year


I think the Lions will have a more successful 2023/24 than at least 3 teams on that list

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Really… What year was that!?

I remember Football Outsiders once did a breakdown of the best team from the last 30 years (this was back in the 2010s) and they concluded that the 1991 Redskins were the best team of the last 30 years, I found that a little surprising because they don’t get near the recognition that a team like the 85 Bears does or the 1989 49ers. But it also makes sense because the Lions were really good in 1991. Even beating Buffalo the last game of the season when they had Thurman and Kelly and won the AFC, then a very good up and coming Cowboys team. But they got absolutely smoked by the Redskins team both times they played them.

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