Let’s talk about WR prospect Skyy Moore

The Christian Watson thread has me feeling we should have a Skyy Moore thread.

I really like this kid and I do not feel he’s getting enough talk on the board. So let me tell you why I like him.

I’m very confident this kid won’t get out of round two. I think he will likely go between late round one and mid round two. I think if this kid had gone to a bigger school he’d be a solid round one prospect. He was very productive at Western Michigan.

Moore had the largest hands of any WR at the combine and he just catches everything thrown his way. Here’s his combine workout.

He’s drawing comparisons to Stefan Diggs and Golden Tate. His RAS score shows his closest comparison is Golden Tate.

Some facts for you.

His scouting grade is the highest grade of any WR prospect to come out of the MAC in nearly 10 years. He’s also the best WR to come from Western Michigan since Greg Jennings.

The Mac Conference has produced a few good WR’s over the years like Julian Edelman, Antonio Brown, Willie Snead, Kenny Golladay, and Randy Moss.

He is friends with Mike Tomlin’s son and has had the opportunity to work out with the Steelers. Where he received a lot of praise from coaches and players. That’s why some people think he won’t get past the Steelers pick in round two. (If he even lasts that long) But Moore has made it very clear that he’s a Steelers fan and would love to play there.

One last thing. Moore is being praised for his release and route running. He has a step that forces DB’s out of position. It’s as good as any WR to come out in recent years. This is why he’s successful and why he will translate well to the pros. Take a look at it on these clips.

One more that shows off his route running.

Watch this route… this is Devante Adams like… near impossible to defend that.

Look at the separation that his step creates on a deep route. He’s really good at faking out defenders.

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This was my fave twitter vid:

I honestly would be fine with Moore at #34.


Agreed he posts some good stuff and he’s well rounded.

I love Duke Manyweather when it comes to OL. No one’s better.

Why not both Watson and Moore?


Why not …. lol

I sometimes double up there. Moore and Pickens, Moore and Watson, Burks and Pickens. Depends on how the rest of the draft has gone.

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Pro Football Focus shows that Moore’s 10 yard split was tied with Watson’s at 1.46, which as the best at the combine among all position groups. So, yeah, that’s gonna get separation, even without the best moves.

seems his arms are short…

and the 3 WR group would be….

Moore Skyy Sun God

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That video is some of his better routes from his youtube tape. I’ve said before he actually reminds me of Amon Ra. Honestly, I’ve got him down further than you guys. Doesn’t mean I don’t like him, just means I like other guys better.


I almost traveled to the game…

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Right, I corrected it. They were a 1AA team then and beat my Northern Iowa Panthers in the semi finals. Guess I remembered it different than them being in the Mac.

Sold! Sold! Sold!

That first release was sick but the rest were nothing special. Again, I just expect more and he doesn’t “wow” me enough to be a 2nd round pick.

I wish I could go back to 2017, I’m pretty sure I was the first one to link the Cooper Kupp video…and you just seen something different, something better than most you watch. I remember thinking the same when I watched Golden Tate’s college tape. Moore just doesn’t provide enough for me I guess.

If we draft him, I hope I’m wrong on him.

I don’t even know where Marshall University is located, like not even sure what state tbh.

If we get one of them and Jameson is still there we can afford to be patient with the latter. Same with Metchie if we wait until the 3rd.

Thats way my mock i am working on looks for WR unless somehow London falls then would be London an Moore

Isaiah Weston ran a 4.41, killed the vertical and broad jump and had 25 reps. How many WR’s get 25 reps? He had 6 games last year with long catches over 40 yards, Moore had 3 with a WAY, WAY, WAY better QB. Weston averaged over 10 yards more per catch than Moore, 37 receptions for 883 yards, a 23.9 average. Would I take Moore over Weston, no, because I think we take a WR before that. Weston reminds me of Golladay because no one knew who he was either and both played on some marginal teams. As a prospect Moore’s fine but where would he fit on this team? Oh, and Weston is 6" taller and has a vertical over 40".

I am always up for Moore Jameson.

Black Barrel though
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