Let’s talk - Lions WR options with Golladay out

It appears we will be without Golladay and possibly Stafford too this week.

Question is which Lions WR do you think will be the one who steps up the most.

Marvin Jones seems like the logical choice to me but he hasn’t really been himself this year. He seems to be on the decline.

Danny Amendola has been mostly non existent and is looking like his career could be done.

Marvin Hall stepped in for Golladay last week and actually out performed him in the same role. Putting up 113 yards in less than 1/2 a game.

Q. Cephus will likely be active and I could see him getting more playing time as well.

Honestly I’m hoping the Lions shut Golladay down until he’s 100%. I really want to see what we have with our other WR’s. Hopefully we can get the following answers

Should Jones and Amendola be back?
Can Marvin Hall take on a bigger role?
Does Cephus have what it takes, can he correct the drops?

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I guess if you were playing fantasy football this week and had to take a Lions WR. Which one would you take?

Swift. :wink:

Joking – Jones…but if I can have swift instead, I do that

Chase Daniel doesn’t have the biggest arm in the world, so I would expect to see heavy doses of Swift, Hockenson, Amendola, and Cephus. This will highlight the 5-25 yard range Daniel is best in. Decoys only work when the opposition respects them and Daniel isn’t going to scare anyone off with deep throws. Expect Jones and Hall to have minimal participation as a result. Expect the defense to press the LOS, so look for Bevell to dial up screens and bubble screens.

Maybe Sanu can play–don’t know? um but I don’t know why we hamstring ourselves at the position , MJ, Danny , Kenny and if any one or two are injured we are SOL…@WR…we SHOULD carry 5 that can produce and aren’t over 30 already.

someone from the practice squad might step up like Fulghum, oh wait!! Seriously, I think Jones steps up - he’s always been an up and down guy - 4TDs in one game last year.