Let the Games Begin for College Players - $$$

Imagine being offered 3 million to transfer schools!? It’s basically free agency during college?


College football will only have like 10 teams. 100% of the good ones will be on like 10 teams.


Yea, that’s what I was thinking. Wouldn’t all the top players transfer to 10-15 of the richest programs!?

This comment made me laugh on youtube…

“For 3 million, I’d transfer to the middle of Alaska, play edge against a pack of coyotes with no pads”


LOL - Yup! Exactly.

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We’ll have a professional developmental league that runs parallel to CFB in 10 years or less.

The schools have the fan/consumer base right now because of alumni, but the tipping point will come.

Overtime Elite is already out in front of this in hoops…its what guys like Emoni Bates should have been doing from the start if that NIL deal didnt happen.

NIL staves off this change for awhile, likely why they OK’d it…but it’ll kill them in the end.


It should be pay the kids equal .

Can’t see this being good for college football. A few teams will be powerhouses, the rest . . . eh.


I’m not even sure it’s going to take that long.

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Bench warmers with no professional chance should make the same as the starting WR that’ll go top 10 who’s risking injury and 10s of millions of dollars during his pro football career? Okay :roll_eyes:


If I’m a student at USC, that guy is definitely paying for the beer.


You mad? Yes , they do pratice and could play at any minute.

The schools have made it a point that they’re not paying anyone, it’s NIL (name, image, likeness) and any player is free to try and sell those things. Some will have better offers than others.

I’m still trying to understand exactly what the heck NIL actually is!? Someone please explain it to me like I’m in 5th grade.

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I can see a base payment to all members of the team being paid as a condition of use of the school logos colors etc for video games. Additional monies paid via negotiation allowing the student athlete to withdraw his NIL from the base pay deal as negotiating leverage, but the video game company isnt required to sign them. Gonna have to tweak that, but it’s a start.

The stars will get their big$ from individual NIL deals for advertising/signings etc focused on themselves.

This base pay would fluctuate from program to program given interest in the team/revenue opprtunity for the video game company etc…Not gonna pay WMU same as U of M etc…

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Mad? No… Just sane is all

Wow- nice point. More guys will be finishing up their college careers now too.

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Stuff like autograph signings and product endorsements. If Jameson wants to sell his signature for $10 each, he can. If Hutch wants to endorse Coke products while playing at Michigan, he can. It’s just Michigan can’t pay Hutch directly to play football at Michigan.


Are there limits per team on how many players can sign NIL deals then!? Does this impact athletic scholarships at all!?

Yup - Business owners give them million dollar “contracts” :wink: :wink:
to do 3 minutes worth of work. I am in the boat with seeing this as not gonna be good for college football.

But, couldn’t the school pay the companies to pay the player!?