Let us ALL celebrate

This was me today. It was honestly very, very surreal. I had to work but the game is on. Boss asked what I thought and I’ll eat some crow for the score but I just said, “Not worried. Lions could play like ass and they will still win. Double digits”

Going into halftime I said “guys, they’ve played like ass and the Bears are doing whatever they want and they’re still up four.”

Then it got weird. As seemingly everything was going wrong, I really didn’t blink or waiver. Meanwhile the people at work were having nuclear-Den Gameday Thread-type meltdowns. Wasn’t even giving it much thought to be honest. Just kept working and was glancing at the screen pretty frequently. But I had never even considered them losing them game.

I can’t think of a game like this in my life where no matter what, I was so indifferent to the thought of them not winning the game.




Graham’s family.
Gotta be.
Like, seriously.

Lol Glasgow pretty much summed up everyone on the board


Yes, he did.

Jamo blowing the roof off the game



He’s just a big happy kid.


I became numb to the losing decades ago brother. I just have fun with it, look like champs or look like chumps, I can have fun. That said, go get me JJ Watt and lets win that Superbowl thing other fans talk about.

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As a matter of fact, I noticed you remaining positive and optimistic in the face of much panic. Good on ya.

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Godfathering is more complicated than most of us would ever understand.

Love the humility though.

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Just love when he said “on to next Thursday”. Man, these guys are LOCKED IN!

Type of big plays only a guy like Jamo can make to get us back in it

All this time, I thought they sucked.