Let's figure out who the two non-QBs would be if four QBs are taken in the top six

Word is Trey Lance impressed at his Pro Day, which might move him up.

I’ve heard some talk that that the QBs might go 1-2-3-4.

This is good news for the Lions, of course. But who else wouldn’t be available to them at 7?


  1. Jax - Lawrence
  2. NYJ - Z. Wilson
  3. Miami - (Just don’t see them making the bold move to move on from Tua already). J’Marr Chase?
  4. Atlanta - Fields
  5. Cincinnati - (Oh, how I wish they’d let Penei Sewell slide. But they’re fools if they don’t work to protect Burrow.) Sewell
  6. SOMEONE TRADING UP TO THE EAGLES PICK (I think they are going to give Hurts at least a year) - Lance.

That leaves the Lions, what? Micah Parsons, Jaylen Waddle or Devonta Smith would be about the only picks here that didn’t feel like reaches.

And unlike some other years, I’m not sure how we see people rise up the board as the draft approaches, after their pro days.

Eagles would take Smith or Waddle or trade down I’d think

Pitts will be in top of draft also i can see eagles taking him or Miami

Imagine reading this last year before Fields had 2 bad games.

Edit - Not going to lie, I didn’t read Fields at 4 to Atlanta on the OP yesterday because I just skipped over it. This makes a lot more sense.

And I’d want Smith at 7 here.

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That’s the nightmare scenario that I think is likely. With no trade down, I’d take Devonta Smith because his skill at getting open and doing it quickly should translate well to the NFL, and will be a godsend for Jared Goff. He doesn’t blaze like Waddle, but he’s sudden and gets YAC with that rather than pure speed. Parsons is appealing, but I like Jamin Davis in the 2nd round better.

Matt Ruhle saw and coached, I believe, Mac Jones at the Senior Bowl. If Carolina doesn’t trade down (I think they will) and Jones is their real target, we may still get some trade action from Denver, Niners, Patriots or WFT. 5 QBs in the first 7? Might could happen.

Slater’s the value pick there.

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Agree. As unsexy as it is he’d give our offense a real strength. I am praying for a scenario where we somehow move down grab some extra picks and somehow land Slater. If I was stuck at 7 with the top 4QB’s, Sewell and Chase off the board I’m taking Slater.

Totally agree

I still believe Lance falling to (at least) 7 is the more likely outcome. We do this all the time with QBs. In 2018 the narrative had five going in the top 10. In 2019 it had Haskins going in the top ten, and Lock as a consensus 1st rounder. Last year everyone thought someone would trade up with us for a QB. There are outliers like Daniel Jones, but for the most part the QB run at the start of the draft is a little less dramatic than we think it’ll be.

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And this year Simms says Lance is going in the 2nd while Jeremiah says he’s top 10.


It all just has to play out. I pray for a team soon that doesn’t have us talking draft in September. We’ve all been at this a bit too long this year. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Last year a lot of Mocks had Eason going round one.

Good call. Forgot about him.

As things are rounding out, I’m at D. Smith at 7 or TD. TD target say at 12 w SF would be Rousseau SOLB for me. Come back with two swings in the 2nd for R. Grant SS and L. Onzwurkie 3t DT. Two swings in the 3rd, Cox WILB, Wallace WR.

Just saw a mock from PFN or PFF that had the Lions take Devonta Smith at 7 after Chase and Waddle were drafted ahead of them.

That’s fine; I think Smith is going to be a great pro. But only the Lions could pick at 7th overall and be left with the 3rd WR off the board.

Out of curiosity, who else was left from the typical names being bandied about? Sewell? Parsons?

I’d say the value + need picks will be.

  1. One of the top 3 WR’s
  2. Micah Parsons
  3. Caleb Farley
  4. Kwity Paye

Hodgkinson’s 4-round 2021 NFL Mock Draft | PFN (profootballnetwork.com)

Nevermind. I just noticed that this is from December, pre-the Stafford trade.

I actually like the top of this draft a lot for the LIons.

  1. Devonta WR
  2. Onwuzurike DT
    3a. Cisco S