Let's give credit where credit is due

As much crap as this staff takes, and much likely deserved, here’s a little tidbit that they should get props for. To me this is very much NOT something you’d get from the sol.

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I was talking about this play in another thread as an example of why Bevell play designs are far superior than JBC’s.

The Lions lined up in a run formation. They had ran from this exact formation multiple times during the game. Everything said it’s a run play. The entire OL shifts and Pulls to the right. Stafford does an excellent job in selling the run by play action. The LBers all bite on the fake (run right) hand off before quickly recognizing the play action and shift directions quickly to the left as Stafford rolls to the left. But it’s too late Jones has enough seperation to get a clean catch and make the first down. Stafford delivers the ball quickly and perfectly to complete the conversion.

This play would never have worked under Caldwell’s Lions because no one feared our run game. No one ever bit on our play action. That’s why we were so predictable. This is what having run success can do for a team.

Show this run formation several times and run it with some success. Then fake the run and suddenly your converting more 3rd downs and scoring more points. The better our run game gets the easier it is for the OC and QB to make plays like this work.

That’s why Matt P. is so hell bent on getting the run game going.

Not to mention it keeps the defenses on their toes. Next time they see it, they won’t be able to predict if it is a pass or run. Sometimes second guessing themselves, which leads to slower reactions.

Nice to have an offense that treats a scheme like chess rather than checkers.

The experiment of having a QB coach as our OC is thankfully at an end

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To be fair, JBC had Ebron for most of his tenture and he would have dropped that ball.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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