Let's Recap Brad Holmes' Lions Career

Arguably the biggest trade in franchise history and a thought-of hall of fame with his first draft pick.

But better yet, we STILL can’t find anything to complain about…


So far so good, real good! However, we can’t truly evaluate him until his draft picks and free agency additions start playing actual games for the Lions. It’s a very promising start to his GM career and he’s surrounded himself with quality assistants in Dorsey and Agnew.

Let’s add some more studs tonight! Wooooooooo

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Yeah I don’t think our record this year will reflect how good of a job he has done. It’s not even one offseason and I feel like we are in much better hands than before. This guy just continues to get value out of every move.

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I need to see a couple good wide receivers over the next couple of days because right now that cupboard is BARE.

Time to start calling him Big Dick Brad. He is a Holmes after all.

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