Let's talk about Sean McVay

There are a million things to cover. What I never appreciated was that if you were anointed the chosen one and actually worked your ass off to try to justify it…your staff would be raided with the fury of a thousand vandals.

I have thrown out the data on Bill Parcells and suggested that he may be a product of the Bill Belichick effect. We can only speculate. But if Sean McVay isn’t legit and is a product of someone else, we are about to find out in a damn hurry! Being a boy wonder means everyone wants a piece of your magic and take anyone who even loosely looks like the next boy wonder.

Say whatever is in your heart or head about McVay in this thread. One thing I will say will seem convenient for the moment but my brother will testify that I’ve said this for years. McVay was a tight ends coach. That gives him a unique perspective in how to sync the blocking with the playcalling that noone else really has if they spent their time somewhere else. Or as Aaron Rodgers said “the TE is the 2nd hardest to learn outside of QB.” And while the QB position has led to many individuals becoming head coaches in the league, I think TE coaches have a special story to tell that teams are too stupid to take advantage of.


I wish we had an offensive mind like that. He’s such a good playcaller and is like 36-0 when leading at halftime. He’s probably the 2nd best coach in the league right now behind Reid.

Oh, and Jared Goff would be Ryan Leaf without McVay.


I heard an interview with Lawrence Taylor this morning where he cussed-out Parcells when he promoted Billichick to DC from Special Teams coach…and Parcells told LT that everything they ran on defense was (can’t remember exactly how he phrased it but…) already influenced and/or designed by Billichick. Parcells might have been a product of BB but Parcells was a product of BB because he was smart enough to see what BB was capable of bringing to his defense as DC.


I have no idea how the man can concentrate on football. This is his girlfriend:


Agreed. I think Goff is one of the reasons why they haven’t done more.

Funny thing is that just two years ago we heard how easy it was to get a stud QB and Goff and Wentz were two of the biggest names people pointed too.

Both teams are wishing they hadn’t given these guys a second contract.


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We should trade Stafford for her


Mike Mularky, Ken Whisenhunt, and Mike Ditka. Three guys who played Tight End, coached Tight Ends, and became Head Coach themselves. Figured I’d toss that out there.

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I find it interesting that our new OC Anthony Lynn was a player for Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan from 1997-1999 and then Anthony went into coaching for the Broncos and Mike from 2000-2002. That is six years playing for and coaching for Mike Shanahan.

Sean McVay was the TE coach for Kyle Shanahan’s offense under his Dad in Washington. When Mike left Washington in 2014 Jay Gruden took over and put Sean in charge of their offense in Washington.

In terms of tight end coaching connections I don’t see that with Lynn as he was a running back coach and then he got OC experience in Buffalo. Anthony then became the Chargers head coach and he had some success there.

Of course we hired a former TE as a player who was a TE position coach for many seasons too and that is interesting in and of itself.

What would you guys say is the equivalent of this TE coach effect on the defensive side?

Secondary coach. A way to see the game apart from the DL and LBers.

2 of the 3 led their teams to the Super Bowl. Mike McCarthy was a tight end but I don’t think he ever coached the group as a position coach. And he definitely never played in the NFL.

People love Ozzie Newsome, and of course he was a tight end.


Would definitely provide motivation🤣

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Anyway … Coach McVay.

Not sure why he finds time to coach

Didn’t I write this the day before we traded Stafford to the Rams?

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great premonition Welsleysh21!

McVay, a former WR, was the TE coach in 2013 when Jordan Reed was a Rookie and Kyle Shanahan was the OC.

A lot of people credit McVay’s rise for that but I’m pretty sure it was Kyle.

4 years ago for the Rams, McVay/Holmes/Snead drafted Gerald Everett in the 2nd round. He’s been just ok for the rams. Iffy hands but very good YAC when he catches it. Overall he disappears a lot and is a mediocre blocker. Far from a top 20 TE. He won’t be retained unless vet min.

4 years ago for the 49ers Kyle Shanahan drafted George Kittle in the 5th round. He is a top 3 TE since then.

More and more evidence for me that Kyle Shanahan is the true offensive genius. He has deficiencies too, but he always gives Sean’s teams a nice spanking when they go head to head.

Btw, a lot of people blame Goff for the 2nd loss this season to the 49ers but if you watch the game, the normally reliable Cooper Kupp dropped 2 sure TDs in that game that would have won it for the rams.

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Someone posted in the forum. A video of how the Patriots defended the Rams in the super bowl Holding McVays vaunted offense to three points total and how a lot of teams since then have be employing similar defenses against them. Its really interesting and worth watching. McVay is a good young coach. A lot of what he does is from Mike / Kyle Shannahan particularly the zone running schemes