Lets talk draft tight ends

Lots of promise in the tight end class. The lions need to add some depth there with hockerson showing some durability issues and the need for multiple tight ends i think the lions take one or perhaps 2 in this draft. Who are the guys you guys like?

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Kolar from Iowa St is about the only one I have seen play he should be a 3rd rounder or so and fits the mold of a good blocking TE with good hands.I dont see them taking a TE that early though I think between Holmes and Campbell they can find talent in later rounds of UDFA.


I think the only way they draft one as high as the 3rd round is if they don’t think they will be re-signing Hockenson. If they believe Hockenson will be here long term, then I think they go with a veteran back-up at TE who is a proven capable blocker. If they deem that Hockenson isn’t worthy of a long term contract, then they need to get in a guy with some long term upside who has enough ability to replace Hockenson after his contract is up.

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Why’s that the offense needs playmakers ,Kolar would be big target, and a solid option if Hock gets hurt.

I mean at wr if you draft one high it could be like this

Draft. Pic Burks
Josh Reynolds
St Brown
Bo Cephus
A mid Teir FA like Fuller or Watkins
And Maybe Raymond

Hock, Kolar and wright


That a hudge up grade in playmakers. And some real weapons.

Truthfully I like the flexibility that two TE sets can give you if they can both block and catch. Gronk and Hernandez was tough to defend while it lasted (not saying anything about comparison of talent or off field activities) but I believe it is an underutilized set because it is hard to find dual threat TEs.

We could do much worse with a 3rd round pick (and have a history of having done so. :smile: )


Looking up this Kolar kid, he fits the exact mold of Amon-Ra St. Brown. Very interesting family and upbringing.

  • Mother played Volleyball at Notre Dame and is now a professor at an Oklahoma Law school.

  • Father is the director of the School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science at Oklahoma

  • Kolar graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering and a minor in biomedical engineering (3.99 GPA)

Interesting prospect.


This years free agency has some decent TE’s available.

I personally would rather see the Lions target a veteran TE who is well rounded enough that he can help both the run game and the passing game.

I think we’re better off spending 4-6 mil on a TE as opposed to spending 8-15 mil on a WR.

My thought is to attack TE via FA and then draft a WR high. Instead of sign a WR in FA and draft a TE.

This is all assuming we bring Raymond and Reynolds back.


After reading your post, I see where you are coming from. So I went and grabbed the listing of “top” free agent TEs:

Tight Ends

After being traded to the Cardinals midway through the 2021 season, Zach Ertz headlines the list of possible 2022 TE free agents. It’s a mixed group consisting of young players with upside and classic veterans.

  1. Zach Ertz , Arizona Cardinals
  2. Dalton Schultz , Dallas Cowboys
  3. Mike Gesicki , Miami Dolphins
  4. Jared Cook , Los Angeles Chargers
  5. Rob Gronkowski , Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  6. Evan Engram , New York Giants
  7. David Njoku , Cleveland Browns
  8. C.J. Uzomah , Cincinnati Bengals
  9. Maxx Williams , Arizona Cardinals

Looking at that list, there are some options.

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I’d love to be able to get Gesicki.

I brought this topic up because if you look at the te draft list it is fairly deep. No reason lions cant grab a starter quality in free agency and draft one too. This draft should see a quality te prospect in rounds 4-6.

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Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t be upset one bit as I think TE’s can be an underrated part of an offense. I just think they obviously like Wright and we still have Hunter Bryant who has been injured, but was a talented pass catcher in college.

I think we need someone reliable behind Hockenson who can be a very good blocker. Most rookies struggle as blockers, especially early on, and this free agent TE class is fairly deep. A name I mentioned yesterday that I never heard before was Eric Saubert. I honestly know very little about him outside of his PFF grades and a few articles I read, but he seems like a Campbell guy. He was the 5th best pass blocking TE in the NFL according to PFF and the 6th best run blocker. He is 27 and will likely cost less then 2mil a year. Very similar build and skillset to Josh Hill who retired on us last year.

If they grab a TE that cheap, then turn around and draft a guy in the 5th or later I would be okay with that.

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Charlie won the “Academic Heisman” this year, the Campbell trophy.

“The first Iowa State player to be named an All-American and Academic All-American, Charlie Kolar embodies what the Campbell Trophy represents,” NFF chairman Archie Manning said. “He has led one of the most successful eras in Cyclone history, while graduating with a near-perfect GPA. Charlie stands as the perfect example for the next generation to emulate.”

He was #2 on Iowa State for reception yards, 62 for 756 and 6 TD’s. I would be very surprised if he is there when we pick in the 3rd. Even if he is, at that point I assume we have gone Edge, WR, Safety and LB. It really depends on who else is available. Walters has him as the #2 TE in the draft so I think he’s gone.

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Agreed, big fan of 2 TE’s sets, especially when you already have a solid o-line, which we do. The Lions actually had some real good success playing Matt Nelson at TE, essentially a 6th o-lineman. I’d be all for adding a TE in the mid rounds or add a vet in free agency. We tried last year with Josh Hill, but he retired on us.

This is exactly who I would target in FA. I’ve followed him since he was at Drake University in Des Moines. I had no idea he graded out that hi as a blocking TE. He can catch the ball too, at Drake he played 4 years and did well. His senior year he had 56 receptions for 776 yards and 10 TD’s. Brock Wright is a #4 at best. Jelani Woods in the 6th, at 275 good for run and pass.

Matt was a TE in HS too and has good hands, was surprised they never tried to throw to him.

They did in Seattle, he dropped the pass, lol

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I love the idea of using extra OL as TE. I want us to be the bully that absolutely hurts the other team’s feelings.

Yes to all. TE as nasty-ass blockers. TE as deception, using them in unconventional ways like the Scott Linehan TE screen to Will Heller…LOL. Nobody sees that shit coming, makes you less predictable.

I don’t hate the idea, but the preference is having a true #2/3 TE that can block like an extra lineman, but offers a little more as a pass catcher. If the Lions bring in a extra linemaan, when they are not inside the 10 yard line, defenses know that guy is not a legitimate threat to catch the ball. It frees up a defender.

I think there are certain situations and matchups where having that 6th lineman is an awesome package. Having a very good blocking TE is even better as it keeps defenses a little more honest.


They don’t expect us to hit Decker for a 7 yard gain at mid field? I want that. LOL.
Truthfully, I hear ya, man. I agree. I just want us to be nasty and punch a defense in the face.

Yup, for sure.
I am imagining a #1WR like Golliday that isn’t quite as breakaway fast, but has a nasty ass stiff arm and an attitude that says “Get off me, MF’r.” Beastly smash mouth downfield blocking from TEs and SunGod.