Lets Talk Packers Game

Last time we played them the Oline mauled them and we rushed for 210 yards and won the time of possession 38 mins to 22.

I kinda expect them to load the box and dare us to pass so last game doesn’t happen again. Which may open up some real deep shots.

Cough…cough Jamo you reading this. He didn’t play last time around.

Anyways your keys to the game folks…

Lets hear em.


We can’t have two stinkers in a row against subpar teams. I know that. We need to win by at least 2-3 touchdowns.


I do think they will come to play. It’s Thanksgiving and we embarrassed them in prime time in GB last time around.


Eh, it would be nice not to. But as long as we win I’m fine with it.


Jordan Love actually had a real good last week.

Gotta get more pressure on him than we have recently on QBs.


GB is looking better. We win by double digits. They couldn’t stop the run last time. Force them to try and do so this time. If they load the box, Jamo them to death. Our run game is a huge strength


I think I would blitz both Love and Fields. I wouldn’t normally advocate for that approach against good athletes, but both guys are young and on the whole, slower processors. I think we can speed them up enough to force them into mistakes. Lamar went through almost a whole season where the book on him was blitz and he’ll struggle. He figured it out eventually, but I doubt the other guys have.


I think the Packers are the worst team in the division. At least the Bears have an identity, the Packers don’t have one.


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We always win at least 2 or 3 in a row after a turd game. I think that’s the new rule we have. Still figuring it out. Not a big enough sample size to know for sure.

It would be really nice to see a solid game on both sides of the ball.


I’d love to crush their hopes.
I don’t care if they trot out one ass cheek and three toe.
Pound em!


I’d like to see one of these, but not so close in the first half:


They can load the box and we will still run it down their faces. I just rewatched the comeback and at the goal line they stacked the box. Sewell was like a cheat code. There may as well have been a snowplow in front of Monty

@stephenboyd57 whats your gut feeling about this one? I need to know so I can mentally prepare myself for the first three quarters


I want to see a pass rush. I don’t care if it Bruce Irvine or whoever, just please get after the Love!



I love the idea of Cheesehumper fans thinking they have a chance because of the closeness of the game against the Bears.

Let them get their hopes up and then serve a huge, steaming, Thanksgiving-sized portion of…

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We need to win by a couple touchdowns for my ego and the people betting on Detroit. With a one point win or a 30 point win, we are what our record says. Bill Parcells told me that privately.

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