Lincoln Riley makes prediction on the new B1G

That poor dumb son of a bitch.

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Lol. Just like they dog-walked Notre Dame this year?

Speaking of, when is ND going to get their shit together and join the Big Ten? It would be the best situation for everyone involved.

As soon as NBC doesn’t re-up that exclusive contract.

To hell with ND, join the acc or the big 12, no offense to @Richard_Parker. I have no issue with the B1G passing on ND.

Notre Dame is too arrogant of an institution to join a football conference. They won’t bow down until they start suffering and getting left out of a chance at a championship because they are not in a conference. With 12 teams now getting in Notre Dame has far less motivation to join a conference. I actually thought it was shitty for them to join the ACC for the Covid just to suit their own needs