Lion’s most improved player through start of season?

Is it Jared Goff, is it Alex Anzalone?

Or is it someone else.

Am I crazy or are both Goff & Anzalone playing like 1st team all pros. Would love to see some PFF numbers showing where our guys rank at perspective position & who has had the biggest leap from last year


Derrick Barnes has come a long way.

Jacobs has improved some.

Tracy Walker making a bid for comeback player of the year.


Great call, his numbers have to show a drastic jump from last year to this year

Goff is just continuing what he started last season. Anzalone is kind of too, but he started really stepping it up much later in the season. Probably right around that last game of the year. I’d say most improved is probably Netflix, honestly. Or Barnes as farmerted said. That’s a good call.

Alim McNeil probably for me.


Anzalone was awesome today.

He has played really well all year… but he made several “wow” plays early in the game that helped keep Tampa from getting any offensive momentum.


Josh Reynolds. Came in as a 3 or 4 wr. And now looks like a legit 2


His name improved conditioning has been a HUGE factor in the success of the defense. Lions are able to stop the inside run with a 4-2-5 now… so important to the improvement.

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Reynolds was a forgotten man and he’s been BIG for us.


At least $8m a year

Prior to this year, Anzalone was “ok”…literally the perfect definition of an average linebacker. This year, he has really improved in 3 different areas. He is diagnosing plays way faster, covering way better, and lastly his tackling has been money!



Anzalone has taken a step, too. Goff was ascending last year and has picked it up where he left off, being unfazed even with injured players all around him.

Still, Barnes was destined for Special Teams and possibly the 4th LB on the depth chart.


For me it’s got to be Jerry Jacobs. He seems to get better every game and has seriously held his own in a spot everyone had Moseley penciled in as the starter. He’s generating turnovers and has, generally, been above average at a position that exposes frauds really quick.

Pretty much every name mentioned is worthy, but for me, I have to give it to Jacobs by a smidgen.


Jacobs for sure. Goff and Anzalone were great the second half of last season, they’re just continuing that level of play although it can be argued that Anzalone has elevated to pro bowl level the way he’s going. Jacobs went from a backup to a legit starting corner, he’s been balling out. Barnes is a good choice too.


Roary hasnt annoyed me once thisbl year…gotta throw his hat into the ring…

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Will Harris easy

Michael Scott Wink GIF

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So cool to see how many are improving so quickly…

Jamo getting more emotionally involved.
Anzalone and Goff have both massively improved.
Hutch is very improved.
Barnes → huge
Campbell developing quickly - had another great play today.

The friggin Long snapper is probably our most improved if I am to be perfectly honest. Fox was saving (not shaving) his ass twice/week last year, on those erratic, terrible snaps. Foxy boy is AWESOME (just wanted to throw that in there).

The friggin’ kicker is improving. He’s getting more consistent, but still isn’t where I want him. He’s getting more confident and having more faith.

Love all of this convo.

My vote goes to long snapper.
AA next
Goff third…because you asked about this year. If you go by “since they got here,” I would change my answer to Goffster.


I agree 100%. Can’t catch for shit, but he picked up where he left off and is even better. Run support, passing, whatever. Seems like #21 is in my screen on almost every play, just like he was last year only more.

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Ill break the tie as the newest lions fan



100 %
For sure



Even though I am a Barnes fan, I must say the biggest improvement thus far on the defense is Anzalone.