Lions 2022 Opponents but not dates

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I could see us winning 8 or 9 games with that schedule. If Rodgers leaves GB, why not 10!?

19-0 until proven otherwise baby!


Road trip to NY or Carolina?

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New England and Dallas for me

If Rodgers leaves, I think we get at least 4 wins out of the division, if not 5 or 6.
If he stays, I still have us getting 4

I’ll start there → 4 in division

Jets, Giants → 2 more (@6 wins)

Eagles & Jags (in Detroit) → They’re screwed 2 more (@8 wins)

Panthers, Dolphins, Seahawks, Washington - 50/50 games, or better, so 2 more (now we’re @10 wins)

Patriots, Cowboys, Bills Maaaaybe sneak one out of there. Can’t wait to see that Bills game. Sort of like watching ourselves in the future (much better QB, but culture and toughness…expect a fist fight there)

I’m firmly in 10 wins next year camp



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My dude!


The title sounds like the first two years of high school for me.


Considering Gillette as well. Looks like a fun place to see a game (old school football vibe)

Not trying to sound overly optimistic here, but there is not a single game on that schedule that makes me think we have no shot. Now part of that is assuming Rodgers is not with Green Bay because I don’t see us beating Rodgers in Green Bay for sure.

Toughest games are

Bills @ Home - Probably best team we play all year, but it would be at Ford Field so it is not out of the question, especially with as jekil and hyde as they play.

Patriots on the Road - New England is a tough place to play, but if we catch them earlier in the season it won’t be too cold. Plus I think they over-acheived this year a bit and the team is very beatable.

Dallas on the Road - If I had to pick one team to regress in 2022 this team is it. This defense way over-acheived in 2022, and I think they take a major step back. Parsons will not be as big a surprise to teams and Diggs is not going to replciate the the big plays he made this year. They have a lot of key free agents like Vander Esch, Keanu Neal, Cedrick Wilson, Connor Williams, Kazee, Kearse, Gallup, Hooker, Randy Gregory, and Schultz, not to mention Amari Cooper has been mentioned as a cap casualty. They are already 14mil over the cap in 2022 as well. My guess is they take a big step back in 2022.

Honestly 6-3 at home and 4-4 on the road seems pretty acheivable to me. With the right moves and if certain players develop like we hope they could even exceed that. Also with key injuries and some players regressing (Goff?) we may only win 5-6.

Right now though I will say it is looking like 10-7 to me with a very soft schedule.

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And 2 more against a Jordan Love and Alan Lazard led Packers!

Plus the Jets and Panthers.
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Uhgg, looks like I’ll be going to Dallas if it’s later in the season. I hate the thought of Jerry getting any money from me.

I’m generally pessimistic about 2nd year of a new regime when the roster was decimated, but with a decent draft and free agency period, there is a legit shot at 10 wins with that schedule.

With 9 home games I’m assuming one is going to be in London.

Who do you think were playing in London?

I figure it’s the Bills or Jags.

Not necessarily London, this year we played 9 road games, just like we will in 2023

I’d hope for Jags, because we can beat them anywhere. We don’t beat the Bills on the road.