Lions 2024 Draft prospect of the day: Isaiah Adams, OL, Illinois

Sounds like he’s not that good :man_shrugging:

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I think Jeff summed him up pretty well. He isnt ready to be a starter, but has potential to become one. Round 4-5 seems correct to me.

Brugler has him at 91 on his top 100. basically echoed Jeffs thoughts.

He is an OG/OC, and with some work on his technque he could possibly play OT in an emergency.

I like him to develop.

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After reading that…why did we pick Sorsdal again??

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Sorsdal has a good ceiling. He’s making a bigger leap in quality of competition.

If Adams is there in the 5th, it’s not a bad investment. Susceptibility to the bull rush is worrying, but the run blocking chops are good.

At least he’s not a Long Snapper, right?


My biggest question is, hypothetically we draft Adams, and Betts makes the team. Do we have to start serving Poutine? :thinking:

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it was more rhetorical, yes, alot of upside. i have my doubts about him though.