Lions 2024 training camp preview: Sione Vaki addition transforms RB room

If there’s nobody on PUP, the only way we reach 25/25 is if McKeon (TE) is kept over Brandon Joseph (S), otherwise it’s 24/26.
No chance we carry 10 OL on the 53.

He’s shown enough to get poached by another team.


Vaki has more explosion than Riddick, but also his 1.60 10 yard split is right near the 1.584 mean for RBs:


If there are no injury concerns Holmes is free to keep the Best 53.
That could very well include 10 O-Linemen.
9 O-Lineman (5 starters plus Manu, Mahogany, Sorsdal & Skipper) on the 53 are almost a certainty.
If Awosika is playing really well he could be the 10th O-Lineman. He would be too valuable to place on the Practice Squad.
Minor injuries could also create a need for a 10th O-Lineman. If Ragnow or Glasgow are banged up at the start of the season where they could miss a game or two but not require being placed on IR, Holmes would probably have to add Eguakun or Hudson as a reserve Center.

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I like Hesse Iowa TE.

Blocking TE and ST guy

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I still want to see two guys back there with one being Williams bc he can wing it and is still elusive as all hell.

This is one of better articles!!! Well written with good flow

There is hope!! :heart::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::boom:

Agreed. :slight_smile:
An almost absolute certainty.

Yeah. Interesting room.

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Jamo? My biggest concern is with injury, but the new format certainly makes it much more palatable.

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And Riddick cooked linebackers… no one could cover him. The 40 is definitely not everything.

Save it for the playoffs or when it’s a do or die type of play late in a game. Jamo is expected to play a ton of snaps on offense… don’t want him going down on special teams.

Although if Jamo struggles at WR… then for sure do it. Hopefully that’s not the case though.

I was thinking Vaki and I. Williams. If Leaf is really our 3 I’d rather both just be full time WRs. Isaiah will be nasty enough on PRs.

Ah, right. That makes more sense. Especially since you mentioned the QB history. Jamo was the only Williams I could think of though.