Lions #9 in the draft

Right now in the draft we are picking 9th

the majority of the board should be overjoyed then as so many were stating that the Lions should simply tank the rest of the season.

Our #8 pick really silenced the critics today…
1 catch and 6 yards.
I don’t dislike Hockenson, but at #8…just an awful reach. If he was a 2nd or 3rd round pick, great.
Can’t wait to see what position Quinn targets at #9 or higher in the next draft. I’m sure it won’t be any guy that will make a big impact.


Everyone wanted the Lions to try to intentionally lose to the Packers last year, but even if they had, the Lions would have selected the same guys in the early rounds…just a few spots higher than they actually went.

No, not everyone just those who view the draft as their Super Bowl every year. The Narrative was ridiculous as it normally is claiming the Lions should tank and that the Packers were tanking. It’s amazing how short people’s memories are of the fact that the Packers had they been that smart, per se. Wouldn’t have brought Rogers back from injury and wouldn’t have risk him further injury in a meaningless game against the New York Jets the week before that the Packers came from behind and won in overtime. Using the tanking logic if the Packers were so smart and were tanking then why didn’t they simply lose to the Jets as well and improve their draft Choice status? Like the Lions they had zero chance of making the playoffs going into the game vs the Jets.

I never liked the Hock pick but I understood it then and now. Hock will be a really solid weapon to have on the roster for years to come.

Our second and third round defensive players look like they will be solid players for us in 2020. And maybe Bryant has game too?

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The Packers weren’t tanking at the end of the season. Once the Lions got up 14-0 or whatever it was, the Packers just decided to get Rodgers out of the game because there was no point in risking Rodgers. Had the Packers had a chance to win that game instead of getting down early, they certainly would have played to win.

And yet I read hundreds and hundreds of flaming posts of how the Lions coaching and management Etc we’re so stupid for not purposely losing that game SOLF

I wouldn’t want a coach or players that intentionally wants to lose a game. And those guys really don’t care about the organization picking a few spots higher.

On that we both agree. :slight_smile:

Changed your title so people don’t pass it up as yet another Stafford topic.

If we get up to the top five, bundle it with next year’s first and ho get Chase Young

Huge price tag it will take to get him likely. If they do let’s hope and pray he’s not the next Vernon gholston

He’s definitely not Gholston.

#1 in our hearts.

But maybe I wanted people to think it lol

I mean, I could switch it back – but I’d think some people are tired of the topic by now and may pass it up.

I thought it was going to be a Stafford thread,

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Rodgers said during the offseason that he wanted to continue but he was having vision issues after some of the hits he took.

And of course that opens up for some Jones as well. "Coach, I just can’t SEE myself going back in there.":rofl:

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I highly doubt that.