Lions activate DE Austin Bryant from PUP list

The bad news: Cornerback Quinton Dunbar is not with the team. Campbell stated that Dunbar is away from Allen Park “with a personal issue” and quickly followed up by stating, “it’s all good there”. Dunbar has not been seen at training camp since Friday’s practice session, when he was primarily running with the third-team defense.

I’m often wrong on this stuff, but I really strongly felt this dude would flop, just from watching his hi lights when he was drafted. His injury history make it worse. Hope I’m wrong.

What’s the over/ under for when Bryant is injured again? I give it 2 weeks, so by Aug 17th Is my guess…that is if he didn’t stub his toe on the way into Allen Park today

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I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a team give such a marginal player to begin with this many chances.

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Agreed. It’s like the beginning of a “How do you know your roster sucks” joke. LOL.

I think it’s changing, and he’ll be gone soon, barring some sort of miracle turnaround.

IIRC, Dunbar signed for a relatively small contract and, yes, he’s unlikely to play a full season. But he’ll be good to have if either O has to sit out for a couple games.

Did he suffer an injury hanging up his shoulder pads in his locker after?

tweaked a lady part muscle.

From August 10 practice:

Jeremy Reisman :heavy_check_mark: @DetroitOnLion

Austin Bryant with a standout day today. Had him with 3 sacks during team periods, playing with the second team.

I’m so confused

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Well, he’s certainly rested.


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3 sacks, impressive stuff and he didn’t even get hurt, which is more impressive.

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From what I remember he was much better in college playing outside backer then he was with his hand in the dirt. I think this new scheme helps him a lot. Maybe it will also help him stay healthy.

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He’s got talent, but expecting a dude that’s always injured to be healthy finally is like expecting your crazy ex girlfriend to NOT be crazy this time, lol

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