Lions' Aidan Hutchinson on being snubbed by Jaguars in NFL Draft: 'My arms

In comparing the two, the article fails to mention that:

Hutch has 2 INTs to Walker’s 1 INT.

Hutch has 4 TFL vs Walker’s 3 TFL.

Hutch has a 1 FR to Walker’s 0.

“I guess my arms were just not quite long enough,” Hutchinson said, regarding the Jags’ decision to pass on him, “I mean, we’ll see if that inch or couple inches was the difference.”

Haha well done Hutch!!! Every inch matters, that’s what she said at least.


It was interesting to hear Ben Johnson talking about looking at the defense and it being such a reflection of Baalke in that you can look at every player and notice certain height, weight and length characteristics.

It’s funny because you hear draft pundits talking about things like that all the time, but to hear a coach talking about a non-Patriot coach in that manner just sort of caught my attention.


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