Lions All Pro and Pro Bowl Candidates

Who do you guys have as Pro Bowl worthy this year for the Lions? Do we have anybody good enough to make All Pro?

Here are my guesses, assuming we keep this winning up:

Pro Bowl Candidates:


Second Team All Pro Candidates


First Team All Pro Candidates


Who you got? Who am I missing?

Lol edited. I read all that wrong. Nice.

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These 2 for sure


Pro bowlers
St brown

I think are all pro bowlers


Gibbs , Goff , Hutch , Branch , Anzalone , St Brown , Montgomery , Sewell , La Porta.

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Anzalone has to at least be pro bowl level this year though he doesn’t have the name recognition.

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I think we have alot of ProBowlers. I’d love to see Decker get in that conversation. And why not Glasgow?

For all-pro, I’d say Sewell has a great chance and Saint has a chance. Goff? I think his chances took a hit yesterday, but he is def. pro bowl worthy, along with others.


I don’t , they go by total play all season, not game by game…

We need a Fanzalone giveaway game at Ford field. Instead of those lame 3rd down signs, handout cheap blond wigs and black headbands to everyone.


Haha YES
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Goff is going to have a top 3 record and be top 3 in all major passing categories in the NFC.

Dak, Hurts and Purdy are going to be hard to beat in the fan voting but I think he makes it over Purdy.

Purdy had a 3 game run where he stunk

Sewell, St. Brown, and Goff in that order.

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With another 286 yards on Thanksgiving Day, Jared Goff will pass Eric Hipple for 6th all-time in total passing yards.

ARSB needs 98 yards on Thursday to pass both TE David HIll and Kenny Golladay for 15th all-time in receiving yards and 9 catches to pass Leonard Thompson for 14th all time in receiptions.

Tells you how bad the lions have been

At QB, absolutely.

At WR, not so much. The Lions have a very good history with WRs.


Analzone and McNeill are the two players who I thought were solid, but did not expect to make a pro-bowlish leap this year. And I think they are very pro-bowl worthy and even possibly all pro worthy. They both have been playing really well, despite the struggles on D (not their fault per se).

Ranked #1, he should be in.

Anzalone should be in. He has been the best defender on this team all year. In the run, coverage, and blitzing.

Hutch- not yet but could easily get in. He has name recognition. Tomorrow will be huge for his case in front of a national audience. If he has 2 sacks and a FF tomorrow will go a long way. If he then finishes with 10+ sacks on the season.

Branch- if not for injury I think he could have made it. But if he has 2 more picks in the next 4-5 games before the vote I could see it.

That’s about it for defensive.

Offense: St. Brown is a lock, Swell is a lock. Goff probably.

Monty: could be but hard to get the numbers with Gibbs in the back field also and also injury early in the season making it hard.

I think they have at least 5 pro bowlers based on how their record is right now.

Sewell feels like an automatic All Pro guy.

St. Brown should be in the running. After that I doubt anyone will be close. I love Goff but no way he beats out Mahomes and/or Hurts. And I think they only 2 QBs? If they take 3 he has an outside chance with Burrows out for the year. Hmm no actually I think Tua could slide in for the 3rd spot.

Listen All Pro is hard to make.

Yeah, Sewell is the guy that feels right as an All Pro 1st team. All Pro is so much more prestigious because its both conferences and limited slots. Pro Bowl is each conference starters plus backups I believe.

ARSB has a decent chance of All Pro 1st or 2nd team. I think guys like Tye Hill and AJ Brown have the inside track with Keenan Allen and Lamb also having slight statistical edges (so far). But three WRs each team, so ARSB has as shot along with guys like Chase, Diggs, and maybe Aiyuk and even Nacua.

I think AA and McNeill will be surprise All Pro candidates though.