Lions Among Four Teams Showing Interest In John Johnson

Hearing former Rams S John Johnson’s free agent market is taking shape. Lions, Eagles, Jags and Browns all showing interest^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1371509317279608832|twgr^|twcon^s1_&

Jags have the money, and money talks, and we have none.

We have his DB coach though, that might help negotiations.

Suckers walk, money talks
But it can’t touch my three lock box

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They’re looking on the defensive side. Know that have an eye on the safety market. They inquired about John Johnson, but I think he winds up in Detroit.

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@AllbrightNFL is there any big name FA rumored to have any traction with Cleveland?

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Safety has been a need for years. I hope if we do sign him that’s Johnson and Walker most likely… if we sign him I’d be ok with a 4 year deal. He’s 25 and if we can lock him up for 4 years he’s even a resign option for the 2025 year.

Not my preferred approach but at least he’s young and produces

I think safeties are undervalued. A really good leader at safety on the back end can fix a lot of coverage issues. IMO Glover Quinn was probably the second most important piece on this team when this defense was actually good (behind Suh).


I won’t freak out. He’s close to elite and he’s young.

It would be impressive if they pulled him.
Man, they got to be going for a restructure on Goff. I don’t know how else they’d be getting this money…

There will be more cuts leaked before the start of the league year which will open up more then enough cap space. You will see some creative contracts this year. For example Romeo Signed for 3 years 39mil, but his year one cap number will almost certainly be less then 6mil.

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I don’t see how the Lions can match what the Jags are probably going to offer, but whatev. I’d like to see JJ in Detroit, but I ain’t holding my breath. If they restructure Goff then he’s gonna be the guy for more than 2 years and you can forget about drafting a QB in the 1st round.

I’ve got…Suh (as you stated), Ansah, and Levy ahead of him for sure. Levy was a monster behind that DL. Fairley was good, but probably amplified production, as a result of playing next to the monster man. Jones was made to look better than he was too, on that line. Juuuuust nasty.

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This would be nice, but we as detroit lions fans should never hope for the best.

I like Johnson, he’s far better in coverage than most strong safeties (he was a CB to start his career at BC). But this one will cost us in the comp pick formula, I believe, so we’d essentially be trading a 3rd or 4th round pick for him. Which could also be seen as decent value.


I don’t think Ansah is even a question, IMO. He had that one year, but Quinn’s play and presence in the back end is what kept that defense on the same page. I loved Levy myself and I could go either way their, but I think Quinn’s leadership on defense was severely overlooked.

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Right now at safety we have a befuddling Tracy Walker, a disappointing and borderline unplayable Will Harris and (crickets…)

If they feel like it’s defense in FA and Offense in the draft, then awesome!

So many of these FA contracts are going to be min salary yr 1 with a high signing bonus that the cap numbers will look really scary for 22-23…but Rokwara will be 26 and this guy 25 if we get him…we shouldn’t have to be cutting them like most of the Smaaaaht Guy Crew, so the reality is you get guys when you get the chance…and if this is the guy they want, I’m going to have to trust them based on their track record and likable moves this far as Lions FO guys.

I would expect at least 1 startable DT in FA as well, probably from the cap cut pool. Remember we have potentially Shelton’s 4m to subsidize the new DT in this year cap , so it could be cap neutral or cap positive in 2021 signing a guy like Rankins

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Yes, but do we have the money?
defense we need a S, a vet CB, LB, DT.
Offense wr, back up oline, and a RB.
I would love Johnson, Hill, can’t spell is name but lb played at saints Alex A, and cheap Malcom Brown
Wr Bourne could be cheaper, and RB malcom Brown

They still have checks, so they must have money!