Lions and Jets made offer for Deebo

I’m watching The Pat McAfee Show live and Ian Rapoport was saying that the Jets and Lions had offers on the table for Deebo. Jets offered 10 overall and a pick swap but didn’t say what Detroit offered.

I’m betting they offered 32.

Glad we tried. Not we got Williams!! All set at WR.


I bet they offered 32 and 34. I love Jameson, and I think he has the upside to be as good as Samuel or better. He still has to hit that upside though which isn’t a guarantee. The biggest difference though is the contract we would have had to give Deebo. I would have been happy trading for Samuel, but I’m also thrilled we got Jameson.


For anyone that wants Deebo…couldnt you just sign Jarvis Landry?

Should be cheaper and no draft resources expended

Not even close to the same skill level, IMO. Deebo is a top 5-10 offensive player in the NFL (exlcuding QB and O-Line).


Coming away with both Hutch and Jameo has got to be one of the best outcomes we could’ve hoped for. I would’ve loved to get Deebo but I feel like Jameo’s ceiling is actually higher. Plus the cost to get Jameo was insanely cheap. Holmes absolutely killed this draft. Just thinking about Sewell, Hutch, Jameo, and The Sun God as the core gives me goosebumps. Holmes has drafted OT, DE, and WR with his 1st round picks. Fellas, we finally have a good GM.


Yep, I’m glad they at least picked up the phone, that’s really all any of asked, short of getting him here.

Yep. You draft players so you can get better production than they cost, while you tend to have to overpay for lesser production that is still high with Vets. When you have to both give up the picks AND pay elite FA money to get the production, that is the absolute worst case scenario. Glad it did not work out for us if the story about Deebo is true.

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It’s clear the Lions didn’t regard the “wide receiver position” as a need… they viewed “electric game changer” as a core requirement moving forward with this rebuild. And to be honest, I agree.


Nice post, man. Love trusting the adults. I don’t criticize Brad at all, when we don’t get my guys because I trust him. Past regimes, we could damn near pick as well as them. Unreal. Tavai??? Tabour??? WTF???

This dude is super smart and thorough. His emotions dont run him at all. Dudes pick as a collective, not just one guy. SO much smarter. Loving everything about them.


Justin Rogers



Rap sheet says he believes Detroit’s offer for Deebo was a first and a third (presumably 32 and 66). That was less than the Jets offer, according to his earlier reports on the topic.

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Cine, Probably Travis Jones and $25m/yr for 5 years for Deebo
Jamo at $5m/yr for 4 years and a 5th year at $10m, Paschal and a net $20ishM cap a year for not Deebo


Not to nit-pick, just for accuracy, that 5th year for Jamo will be around $20 million, maybe more if the contracts keep trending upwards

Wasn’t sure how they got to that number, it was a WAG…good to know. $20m 5yrs from now will be a pretty good deal if he produces.

He’ll be worth it too with that SB ring on his finger.


What if we had gotten Deebo?

Would the Lions have traded up and gotten Jordan Davis?

Think of that roster…sheesh!

That said, I’m thankful it worked out the way it did. Our new weapon is lethal. Comparing ROI for the investment…we got the better deal, in terms of bang for buck …and ability to spend resources elsewhere.

Love it!

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