Lions and packers coming game

has anyone visited the packers page to see what their out look on the game may be

A couple fudgies I talked to today think they’ll walk on us Monday and then we’ll get them at FF…BECAUSE THEY ARE RESTING PLAYERS. WTF??? most GB i’ve talked to or heard are just assuming it’s sol and not a single thing to worry about


They feel it’s time for payback. They’re sick of loosing to the Lions that they see as a little brother they give wedgies to, they sit and fart on our heads. Suddenly their little brother has been getting the best of them and they feel it’s time to put little brother in his place.

time to show them there are not big brother any more—there’s a new kid on the block

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SOL is what they SHOULD be worried about. We’ve owned them.

Okay by me if the Packers come into that game a little flat and overconfident. I doubt that’ll happen, but you never know. What I really want is for the Lions to come into that game focused and determined to prove they belong in the hunt for the division. I don’t think 3-3 will cut it, you gotta beat somebody on their turf, and this is the 1st opportunity to do that. I don’t see a big difference between the other teams in the North and us, you just gotta go out there and take care of business.

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poisonouswang has dropped the ball for a link…lol

They think we’ve gotten lucky and haven’t really earned it. Hurt Rogers and a team that folded because the season was over is the only reason we beat them. I think they forgot that the Lions had no WR’s or RB’s healthy to end the season. Not to mention a QB with a broken back. GB fans feel that the Lions and their fans are about to get a wake up call as they put us back to the cellar where we belong. Their words not mine.

This is a good spot for the Lions. The spread opened at 6 now down to 4.5.

If Adams can’t go ( and profootballdoc doesn’t think he will) it’s a massive advantage for the Lions. Rodgers and Aaron Jones even have a history of owning Dallas. Rodgers 5-0 At Jerry World. I like the Lions coming off the bye.

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The Packers also had 10 days to prepare for the game while the Cowboys were coming off of a SNF game in New Orleans.

I also think the Cowboys have forgotten who they are. They need to get back to Zeke being the focal point. If he’s not touching it 25 times you are doing the other team a favor IMO.

The 'Boys were missing a few pieces on their OL, no? I don’t think GB’s DL is that good, they pretty much dominated that game IMHO.

Tyron Smith AP LT was out.

Make no mistake tho, their DL can flat out cause troubles in pass pro. They have 2 players with more sacks than something like 14 teams. The key is to stay in the game (or be blowing them out) and to stay balanced so they can’t just pin ears and go. DL vs run sux tho

Im interested to see if the Lions can run against GB. So far KJ and the run game has only worked against KC, but the Colts ran for 100+ yards in just the first half. So Lions actually underperformed somewhat.