Lions announce joint practices with Jacksonville

Earlier this offseason, Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell announced the team’s intentions to host the New York Giants for joint practices prior to each team’s 2023 preseason opener. Last week, the Lions revealed their other two preseason opponents for the 2023 NFL schedule: the Jacksonville Jaguars (home) and Carolina Panthers (away).

This is relevant because Jaguars coach Doug Pederson met with the media after Thursday’s schedule release and revealed that they, too, will be coming to Allen Park early for a set of joint practices before their game with the Lions.

“(Preseason) Week 2. We’ll go up there,” Pederson said.

A team source from the Lions confirmed that these joint practices are currently in the works.

The Jaguars and the Lions were two of the hottest teams toward the end of last season. The Lions ended the regular season with wins in eight of their last 10 games (including against the Jaguars), while Jacksonville won seven of their last nine, snuck into the playoffs, and even won a postseason game.


Technically I guess the Jaguars announced this.

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Joint practices?!?!

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I better not hear any news about joint practices with the Panthers.

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That was announced earlier this week, but they called it the final preseason game instead of joint practice.

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We better not suffer any chronic injuries!


don’t like the idea of joint practices with other teams, seems they could figure out everything we are doing this season…


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I guess we didn’t kick the Jags asses enough last year and they want more. I thought 40-14 was a pretty good message.

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