Lions are down to 80

I’d describe Fulgham as a bit of a surprise cut, but oh well.

The Detroit Lions have waived the following players:

WR Travis Fulgham

G Josh Garnett

DB Michael Jackson

WR Chris Lacy

LB Christian Sam

DE Jonathan Wynn

Following today’s transactions, the Lions established their 80-player active roster.

Lacy was a bigger surprise than Fulgham, but I suppose that increases Agnew’s chances.

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I expected both to get to the 80

I see both Fulgham and Lacy as top PS guys. Both need more time to develop and with the weird off-season they lost out on a chance to improve.

I didn’t really see Lacy as a valuable PS guy, myself. I’m not surprised by his being cut. To be honest, none of those guys were projected to make the 53, but I figured last year’s draft pick (Fulgham) would be in camp at least.

I alimony posted the article yesterday on fulgham being cut but I felt I was over doing it posting OPs … I was surprised
But that’s why I’m here and they are there!!

Apparently Michael Jackson is Bad.


Garnett is a surprise to me. Really thought he could be a sleeper. We did of course load up at guard during the draft though.

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So they opted for the one package for the first week… to evaluate all 90 players and boom! Dropped 10 in the first week of training (to include the opting out) and we now go to a more “normal” practice environment With rookies and vets mixed?!

F**k, we’re losing already?..damnit.


I think they are going to keep Cephus on the 53 and Agnew and Hall make it as well. That’s 6 WR’s and they kept 5 last year. Agnew was one of 7 CB’s last year, so maybe they just keep him, call him a WR and he can do both and return like last year. 6WR’s 6CB’s and it’s the same Agnew.

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I watched tape of Cephus after the draft and came away very impressed… I would not be surprised to see him being our starting slot receiver next year. He will compete for playing time day 1

Cool side note to who’s been kept for the 80 man roster!

All UDFAs are still in our roster of 80!!

I also think he’s going to surprise. His playing speed always seemed fine to me. While not a burner he was fast enough to be a downfield threat In the Big Ten.

Maximize PS strategy?

His release off the LOS is what impressed me most, combined with his good route running, he’ll be a successful WR early on

Yep. I also really like his strength at the catch point. Both his ability to pluck the ball and his ability to absorb contact even when airborne. I think he and some Matt Stafford fastballs are going to prove to be handy red zone weapons.

I wonder how TJ will play into all this…

More blocking or more pass route options or situational overall?

Hate to hang this comparison on him but he reminds me of Michael Irvin.