Lions are landing Trey Flowers!


Looks like a done deal:

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Me likey. So with Flowers, Colman, and D.A. in the fold we have spent approximately 30M of the war chest, subtract another 10M for draft picks, and we are down to about 5M left without additional cuts or contract restructures…and we still badly need CB2, LB, and S on defense.

So the Lions landed Trey Flowers, their top target in free agency. It’s a good get, at a big price tag, and it immediately makes their defense a force via @freep

— Dave Birkett (@davebirkett) March 11, 2019
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I like this a whole lot better than paying a #3 CB $9M.

What the heck is a guy like Nelson going to cost? 12-14M? More?

Well, that’s what we paid Ziggy’s corpse last season on the tag. I’d much rather invest it in someone who can stay on the field for more than half the season. We badly needed a premier rusher and we got one.


This got my attention.


I guess that i kinda expect Flowers to impact our defense much in the same way that Mack did for daBearssss.

I can’t see it. 21 sacks in three years. He’s super productive on disruption and run stuffing though. He’ll never get the recognition because the sack number is the only thing some people care about.

Still, Hand, Ashawn, Snacks and Flowers has me moister than an oyster.


That was not something we needed to hear you say, Winni :scream:

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Yeah Winni, i dont expect the sack numbers that Mack put up, but like you said, Flowers, like Mack, should bring so much more than just sacks to our defense.

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LOL…that is funny.

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They have oysters in Canada?


Joking aside…AGREED!

I hear they have a pill for that. Dryagra.


Thats a whole lot of money.
More than the franchise tag for a DE.

Few more details.
Small cap hit for this season.