Lions Are Now Favored Over Vikings

The line has moved to -1 on the Detroit Lions. Vegas may actually be starting to show us a little respect.


Well thats crazy yet exciting


What did it open at?
Must have been heavy betting on the Leos.


Whats craziest?
We are who we thought we were.
The difference is health.


Their point differential is +10 compared to -9 and the Lions are healthier than they’ve been all season. The difference between the teams is WAY less than the record indicates.
Minny is better at this stage but it’s a winnable game. Still though, I’m surprised that the Lions are getting enough respect to be favored.

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The Vikes are screwed!!! We are going to drop 45 on them!


Detroit has the better offense.
Detroit has the better QB.
Detroit has the better running game.
Minnesota has the better WR

Defense = both suck but Detroit has improved recently and started creating turnovers.

Since the Hock trade

Detroit is 4-1
Minnesota is 4-1

Goff 7 TD to 1 INT
Cousins 7 TD to 4 INT

Detroit 142 scored vs 99 given up
Minny 116 points scored vs 136 given up

Detroit 3 TD from TE position
Minny 1 TD from TE position

Minny will try and get the ball to Hock. Make sure he doesn’t get lost. Double Jefferson as much as possible. LB’s need to not miss tackles vs Cook. Win the turnover battle. WIN !!


Vikings have edge due to QB play. Cousins is the reason the Vikes win close games. He leads league in 4th Q comebacks and game winning drives.


“Detroit has the better QB” LOL. Cousins has 6 game winning drives this year. The same amount Goff has in the last 5.

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Cousins better watch his kneecaps…

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He’s never missed a game due to injury in college or the pros. The most durable QB in the league will be just fine

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Kirk Cousins Playoff Record 1-3
Kirk Cousins on MNF 2-10

Comeback and talk shit when Cousins actually wins something important and then I’ll take you seriously.

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He’s about to clinch the NFC North in Detroit on Sunday. Remind me when was the last time the Lions won the division?


And be one and done in the playoffs! Cousins hasn’t done shit.

So you came to a Lions board to make fun of the Lions and talk about how great Kirk Cousins is…lol

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Will Hockenson have revenge on his mind???

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You literally just said to tell you when Cousins wins something. I just did. He will be accomplishing something the Lions haven’t in 30+ years.

Even if he wins the division, which would be impossible not to do at this point with a 5 games lead. Winning the division doesn’t mean shit. Win a couple playoff games and you can come back and talk shit and I’ll give Cousins credit then.

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Oh. Ok. Winning the division doesn’t mean “shit”. While you sit here and clap like a seal for the Lions and their 5-7 record lmao. Welcome to ignore.

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