Lions are optimistic


Lions optimistic D’Andre Swift will play Sunday

Michael David Smith

3 hours ago

D’Andre Swift finally became the Lions’ starting running back in Week 10, and he responded with a big game, carrying 16 times for 81 yards and adding five catches for 68 yards in a win over Washington. But he hasn’t played since.

The rookie second-round draft pick missed two games with a concussion, then missed more time with an illness after clearing the concussion protocol. But now he’s finally getting ready to return.

Lions interim head coach Darrell Bevell said this morning that Swift is trending the right way toward playing Sunday against the Packers.

That would be a boost for Bevell, who was Matt Patricia’s offensive coordinator and then got promoted to interim head coach after Patricia was fired. The Lions beat the Bears last week in Bevell’s first game running the show, and Bevell has said he thinks he’s getting a five-game audition to be the Lions’ permanent head coach. The best way to impress Lions ownership may be to show that he’s getting the most out of the young talent on the Lions’ roster, so a big game by Swift and an upset of the Packers would do a lot for Bevell.

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Hope he can stay healthy and become my favorite Lion. Love how he gets down.


Yep! I watched the pad cast today in Bevell being asked about swift…

Reporter are silly… they know you shouldn’t and can’t talk about concussion and illness protocol and they still ask?

Bevell know how to shut you down in the most polite way !! :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::pray::face_with_hand_over_mouth::heart::crazy_face::pray::+1:

He definitely is not a yes man!!

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They’re going to need him down this stretch of games if they are to make the playoffs.

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Agree, to say otherwise is just flat out wrong :wink:

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I wonder what the status on Golladay is?

He is out :cry:

Golladay and Okudah are both out

Swift gives the Lions a realistic shot at an upset win. He would have to run for about 125 yards and keep Rogers off the field.
Rogers is a better QB than Stafford. He rarely costs his team a game. He also is good at game management. Stafford needs to play smart in this one and avoid turnovers and getting sacked.

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Swift and Stafford will tear them apart!

I know this but there have been zero updates on Golladay’s hamstring pull. It’s just extremely odd and feels a lot like the Levy situation.

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Interesting - never thought of it like this, until you just planted the seed. Thanks for that, brother. LOL

Serious question - what’s the longest time that you can recall someone being out with a hamstring injury?

Truly clueless. Never kept close enough track of it. Sometimes I wish I wuz smarter. :wink:

We need to have a game like TB did against AR! GB lost that away game and AR went 16/35 45% completion rate with no TDs and 2 int!!

Golladay is a hip.

I don’t know if the gang around here has seen Dr Liao on Twitter or Youtube, but he’s worth checking out.

He came back from the hamstring for 2 games, it’s been his hip keeping him out since then.