Lions are slight road favorites after opening as underdogs against Chargers

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The Chargers don’t have a home field advantage. I kinda feel bad for the players when they have to use silent counts on offense at home.

Hopefully the stadium is very blue.

Dan Campbell, “…it’s always gonna be about us, it really is.”
Translation, get our game together and we will be the ones imposing our will during the games.

I loved this quote from Jonah Jackson with the O-line back together (it was from a ‘related’ article from the first article linked in this thread):

“We’re finally back,” Jackson said. “The band’s back together. It’s time to put on a show.”

Here’s hoping we get more than 9 plays together before something ELSE happens…

::knocks on wood:: ::spins three times:: ::throws a salt shaker over the shoulder::