Lions awarded Paul Perkins and cut CJ Anderson

kyle meinke (@kmeinke) tweeted at 4:31 PM on Tue, Sep 17, 2019:
The Lions are cutting C.J. Anderson after being awarded RB Paul Perkins off waivers

I wonder if CJ asked to be released for lack of playing time? It sure looks like Ty Johnson has passed him on the depth chart.


The Detroit Lions announced today that they have been awarded RB Paul Perkins via waivers from the New York Giants.

In addition, the Lions released RB C.J. Anderson.

Any info on perkins?

CJ did not look very effective when he did get the ball.

Who is Paul Perkins? His dad own those restaurants?


I’m really excited to see more of Ty Johnson!


I think CJ needs 15 carries to be effective. He needs to get warmed up and involved in the game.

I’ve never heard of Perkins.

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CJ was Blount part 2…

Looked outta shape so good riddance

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1000000 % what I was thinking

In all reality, if C.J. was there to get the short game going then Bawden was kind of redundant…

There’s some highlights on there of some of some of his runs.

I guess our other former Giants will be happy :thinking:

This is the lions not accepting mediocre play and I love it. Anderson did not do anything positive good when he got his limited chances. He was pasted on the depth chart for good reason,Ty Johnson is very good. Anderson needs an entire game 15 plus Carrie’s to get going!

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Confidence in Ty?
Confidence in McKissick?
Cap clearing move?

Who the elf is this new dude? Can he play? Developmental? Future move vs Bandaid guy (Anderson)?

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I’ve seen Perkins play a little bit and I have liked what I saw. I can’t give you a player evaluation per say, but the guy runs hard and has a little shiftyness about him.

Saves around a $1m I think too. Could be a bit o’ Slay money.

Similar to our other 3 RBs? Run/Catch

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The Lions needed more alliteration on this team after cutting ZZ.

PP is in the house!

All is right with the world now.

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5’11 208 turns 25 in 2 months

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I woulda brought back Zenner, cuz he plays ST pretty well and they seem to need help there. ZZ isn’t the greatest runner, although I think passable for a 3rd RB. But he does well in pass pro and catches the ball too.

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Hate to say it, but agree. Seems too slow.