Lions breaking Hendon Hooker's old habits, developing new ones

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Maybe it’s something you don’t pay attention to, but defenses rotating coverage on motion happens on most every instance of motion.
Teams generally don’t remain static when a receiver motions. Responsibilities change whether in zone or M2M coverage, and that is communicated. You can still stay in M2M coverage without chasing the receiver across the formation. Most times the safety to that side would pick up coverage and the opposite safety would then go high.
To disguise a zone the DB chases across the formation with motion and then sits down in zone on other side of field and coverage rotates.
Analyst probably wouldn’t show it unless it resulted in a big play.
I have seen it highlighted often as a QB that thought coverage was M2M and threw a pick. Or coverage was M2M on one side of the field and zone on the other.
My point continues to be that pre-snap reads are helpful but the success of a QB comes from being able to process information quickly, make a decision and executing it proficiently.
The entire snap to throw process is usually less than 3 seconds.
In a play action offense the QB takes his eyes off the defense for about 1.0-1.5 seconds to execute the fake.
Every DB in the NFL can move 40 yards from a standstill in less than 5 seconds. How far do you think the position of DB’s can change in 1.5 seconds?
Now the QB has to look back up, process the defense and execute a throw in 1.5 seconds.
In college Hooker got the ball in shotgun while looking at one half of the field, never had to move his feet or eyes, processed that info and made a throw.
There is a lot more to Ben Johnson’s (or any NFL offense) than Hooker has ever had to manage.
He has the skills and physical attributes, but can he process and execute quickly, accurately and on time under fire?
That is what I want to see in pre-season games.


That is what all are waiting to see in regards to HH, how much has he learned in the last 15months in regards to the processing side of the pro game.

Sure, and that is part of the process. I mean if you aren’t able to make the pre-snap reads I seriously don’t think your chances of processing after the snap is all that realistic.

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I feel like “breaking bad habits” is code that is akin to when you hear about how a band’s new record is a “return to form”


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One quick example of a follow to zone…