Lions camp notebook: July ends with a defensive bang


Buried at the bottom of the article linked is this little tidbit about S Thomas…

Thomas also got involved with wideout Denzel Mims, who took exception to Thomas holding him on a seam route for a good 20 yards. I can’t print what Mims said to him, but his point of “stop holding me” was not out of place and was appreciated by both Josh Reynolds and Williams, who have dealt with Thomas’ excessive grabbiness in coverage during camp.


I read that some of media are looking to be seen an they just go after Jamo every time he does anything that with others they would ignore.

I can tell you one media type has been to most of camp this season an Jamo moves so smooth an yet seems to go past CB an Safety players like it nothing. He will drop some but he will be a threat every snap. The so called media not all but Lion fans know who they are just leave him alone. St Brown drop 2 or 3 last practice also in fact articles point out others that had drops.

I like the cover CB Starling he has things you can’t teach speed good size an he will hit you. He is grabby right now but that can be fixed.
He is a excellent gunner on ST an if he makes roster it will be playing ST.

Same with the UDFA LB I posted before he is fast also an nice size an will play ST if he makes it.

Branch an Starling have been teamed a lot as gunners.

With two LBs Nowaske an Maybin we lost two LBs that played on ST from last seasons team.


Brod Martin looks incredible

Starling had a tough day

Jamo lit someone up blocking

Moesely had a setback?

My take always from the report


Interesting tidbit on that. When asked afterwards, he said that Ben Johnson told him, “No block - no rock”.

Love Ben.


Sounds like maybe his teammates, Jamo and Mims, are trying to assist in his education.

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Will Harris

" In three reps with the third-team defense, Onwuzurike lost two reps to undrafted rookie OL Ryan Swoboda (one run play, one pass rush) and earned a draw with the 6-9 Swoboda on the third (pass rush). Pad level is an issue for No. 91."


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That was obvious pre draft
He looked like Gabe Wright firing straight upwards out of his stance every time

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That’s probably how he hurt his back. When you start getting upright the opponent can bend you.
If he can’t stay low and straight, he may as well retire.

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