Lions @ Cardinals in-game thread

The Lions season starts today versus the #1 overall pick Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals.
Game starts at 4:25pm Eastern.
I don’t know if Nate can pin this or not but here’s the thread for the in-game chatter.


Too bad Pontiac Silverdome isn’t here to do his traditional thing :smiley:


Time to prove the naysayers wrong!!!


Meh…When’s the Cowboys kickoff?

(Sorry, couldn’t resist)

Let’s do this! Have to beat zona today to have any playoff hope.

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Heading out to get my items to make food. Love making all kinds of food on sundays and watching football.

Gonna make a ton of wings today with different sauces and a cheese dip.

Hoping this opening day turns out better than the last.

Sorry, I never get sick of this GIF.

I’m making a killer pot roast in the Instapot today. I always use a lot of al dente cooked vegetables too. Heavy on the spices.
Onions, mushrooms, potatoes, garlic, and carrots.

Dominate on 3…1, 2, 3 oh chit Matt just threw another interception!

Sorry, I still have PTSD from last years opener. Had a flashback.


Funny I used the same term (PTSD) for the Jets game the other day talking to another Lions fan. Hoping this is not a repeat of last year.

In case we lose.

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Hoping this is the start of a special season :pray::pray:

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I’m very anxious to see the actual starting lineups on both sides go to work. This was the absolute most un-useful preseason ever. It showed nothing, other than if all backups play we are screwed.
Very optimistic about today and the season but still a touch of me is nervous.

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Yes, very excited to see the changes in the offense with Bevell in charge.
Hoping Matt gets sacked like 50% less.

I’ve got some taco soup warming up in the crock pot for some all day chips/soup/cheese, and drinks on ice next to the chair. The man cave is rocking, and I got misty when I heard that beautiful music of the Fox pregame. Is it 3:30 yet?? (central time)

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I know many are concerned about what happened last year, and the situation is similar in some ways. BUT - this is a different team with a different mindset and than the one that played the Jets. For one thing, this year we have a kick-ass defense that won’t be giving up much on the ground, even without Jarrad Davis and De’Shawn Hand.

Plus the upgrade at TE has to help Stafford and the offense, and I suspect the Lions will run the ball more often and more effectively under Bevell’s system. They might not be the well-oiled machine that cranks out yards, 1st downs,and points galore, but the AZ defense is not good and are without their 2 starting corners. So, I’m not seeing much trouble moving the ball on them and scoring enough points to win.

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Im along the same lines. I know the Jets game was supposed to be a cakewalk, but I think the Lions got stung by some pretty strong unknowns. We still had guys who didnt know where they were supposed to be, tons of new guys playing new positions, and the Jets game snowballed quickly.

This year, the defense is ready. Not only are they ready, they are even better and deeper than they were last year. This defense can be legit elite. People keep forgetting, as bad as last year was, pre Snacks we were 30th in rush defense. Post Snacks, we were 2nd. We started as one of the worst defenses in the NFL, and had Sly Williams manning the middle. By seasons end, we were elite. Went to top 10 overall, but we played at top 5 level to get there.

The offense was putrid last year. No doubt. However, its a deeper offense, and we have a LEGITIMATE Offensive Coordinator. I still anticipate a spotty beginning to the year. Its going to take time for things to gell and for Patricia to see whats working and what isnt. Overall though, we went from 0 NFL TE’s to 2 starters on any team, and a good depth 3rd guy. The offensive line is my biggest concern. I think we have 3 good level players in Glasgow, Ragnow and Decker. I think Wagner is a bit of a disappointment, but is still effective. The LG scares me. I still believe the week 17 starter is not even on the team yet. I smell a midseason trade once its proven we just dont have that top starter you need. As for RB, we went from Blount and unknown Kerryon, to known Kerryon, CJ Anderson and Ive got very good feelings about Ty Johnson. I think Ty will be the Lions Tarik Cohen. He is going to be a chess piece and matchup nightmare that no one in the NFL knows about. Kerryon and CJ will be drive extenders and chain movers, but as soon as Ty Johnson gets out there against tired defenses in the 4th quarter, he is going to have a field day.

For the first time in recent memory, I see the Lions as truly practicing what they preach. Theyve said for years “we want to run”. Then they sign WR’s, TE’s who dont block, or draft an undersized, slow RB and try to call it a running game. Now, the new mantra is “We want to be multiple”. However, when you look at the defense, they can stop the run at an elite level. They have good pass defenders. A strong secondary. LB is pretty good, but if Reeves-Maybin looks like he did in preseason, we could be quite deep once Davis is back. On offense, we can run. We can pass. We can go heavy against smaller teams, or go with speed on bigger teams. The Lions really can attack multiple teams in multiple ways.

We will see how it turns out, but I dont think Arizona has the horses to keep up with the Lions. I do expect Murray to make some plays. There will be some breakdowns. The beginning of the game might be scary. However, talent rises to the top. The Lions should have plenty of time to settle in, get their footing, and their talent will take over the game. The Lions will win in Arizona, and everyone will poopoo it, and thats perfectly fine by me.

The main reason we dumped Jim Bob? See below.

This year, is not last year.

Jets are readily identifying run or pass well before snap based on RB alignment and personnel package. This has been a JBC issue for far too long.

— Jeff Risdon (@JeffRisdon) September 11, 2018

My wife makes a killer Cheeseburger soup. I didn’t know I liked pickles so much until I had them in this.

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Chilling on the beach with my iPad waiting for kickoff