Lions celebrate Pride Month

Hi all,

The Lions have an updated logo this month with pride colors. I know that this can feel controversial, but wanted to post something before anyone brings it up and it gets derailed or offends or pisses off swaths of us.

First, there are members on this forum who identify as LGBT. Let’s get that out of the way right now. From a purely mathematical standpoint, it’d be weird if there wasn’t. Second, there are members on this forum who have kids or grandkids who identify as LGBT.

Now, I am not trying to change anyone’s perspective here. But I am trying to acknowledge a reality. And if you learn something in the meantime, that’s awesome, too.

There’s a common refrain of, “Keep it to sports! I don’t care what someone does in their personal life, I just don’t need it thrown in my face.”

I get that. I really do. But that’s not really the point in all of this.

Like other dates that are honored, Pride is an acknowledgment of the Stonewall riots in 1969, and that sometimes, equality isn’t a given for every group. Some brutal, brutal shit has happened to the LGBT community, based on the perception that they’re ‘different.’ It is not to throw it in your face. It’s to acknowledge a reality.

This post will not be a thread or a discussion on the matter. I’m well aware that there’s various opinions on this, and as kind as we might try to be, it likely won’t be productive.

Sorry if I didn’t do this topic justice. I’m working full time while writing this, but already I’ve seen (and zapped) a couple of posts already and wanted to address.

Thanks for your understanding/patience,



Pinning this because we’ve already had to delete multiple posts.

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