Lions - Chiefs Tailgate: Who's going?

I’m waiting on my brother to RSVP, otherwise a few of you have reached out to be my wingman. Suppose I could always raffle myself off …

But chime in here if you’re coming. We should all meet somewhere and pre-game.


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Will be down Wednesday, going home Friday

What’s t he date for t he game again please

Thursday night, September 7

LC is a short ride / drive for me. I would need a place to stay hotel wise.

Anyone up for sharing a hotel room with me, PM…. No sex!! :crazy_face::heart::upside_down_face::+1::pray:

Can we at least cuddle!? These hotels rooms are crazy expensive. That beard must be glorious in bed. :wink:

To be honest, I’d love to attend, but shit from Ontario to KC for opening night tickets, plus hotels/flights, might cost close to 5 G’s. Gotta save my money for the super bowl!

My son and I will be there! I moved to KC in 2005, and my son was born in 2006. Lions have not played here since I’ve lived here. The last time the Lions were supposed to come here, the game got moved to London. I was pissed when I heard this game may get moved to Germany. Once that was ruled out, I told my son, we could get a Sunday night game, or… due to our increased national presence, we just might be the national opener. This morning he texted me and said it was official. I got on Stubhub immediately and got tickets. 250 a piece. I’ll take it, I’ve waited long enough to make this happen.

Over the years, I’ve made posts stating “If you think Ford Field is loud, come to Arrowhead.” Now you guys will get to see what I mean. Only in the first quarter though. The next 3 quarters, the only noise will be Lions fans watching us pour it on a swiss Chiefs defense!!


We have a manufacturing plant in Riverside, MO. I may have to head down for work (cough cough) on Wednesday with a return ticket for Friday,….


I’m working on it.

Any ideas for bars where we can all meet up?

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Not really, I live on the west side of the metro area. I can ask. For anyone coming in early who wants the best BBQ, in my opinion it’s Joes KC. They have different locations, the one I go to is in Olathe, Kansas. That’s about 45 minutes from the stadium for reference sake. I haven’t been to Arrowhead in over 20 years, but it’s right off of 2 major highways, I-435 and I-70. It’s pretty easy to get to. They share the parking lot with Kaufmann stadium.


I will be trying for sure

$250 for a shitty seat, eh, I don’t know. I am likely to be something of a game time decision. Just got back from watching the Mud Hens lose to the ICubs, even after scoring 3 runs with the first 3 batters, there’s always tomorrow.


Also, KC BBQ is not really a thing. I don’t know why it’s so hyped. I mean it’s good, but nothing special.

Feel free to light me up @StormGuyNovi


I work as a PM for a modular manufacturer in PA. We built a modular chase bank that we shipped to Blue Springs, MO back in September of 2021. I was down there for two weeks and went to a BBQ place in Lee Summit called Jack Stack. Was probably within 45min of KC. Best meal I’ve ever had.


Even we some of us just hang in the parking lot for the game? And tailgate it all?!

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Can’t do that at Arrowhead. You have to show you have a ticket to access the parking area. They had issues with gangs during a Cowboys game where people who didn’t have tickets were going around causing trouble. They put a stop to it by requiring tickets to access the parking and tailgate areas.


Jack Stack is good, but is a more formal type eat in place. Jack Stack’s main course are just ok to me, but their sides are outstanding. . It’s the date night dinner place. Joe’s KC is better and is more of a bar and grill type resturaunt. A lot of people here also like Gates BBQ and Q39.

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Enjoy man, I’m excited for you and your son

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