Lions could take a QB if one falls to them

Unfortunately, this is probably smoke to try and get someone to trade up. Don’t know how that works exactly, I’d assume it would try and make someone get ahead of you, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Maybe they’re trying to get someone out of the way?

It could as well mean exactly what it says. If the QB they feel has IT and they fall to them, they’ll take him.

Let them sit for a year or two and he works out, then trade Goff.

Say the Lions have Fields rated as 1a barely behind Lawrence. He would have been the QB they targeted had they not acquired Goff. Think if he falls to 7 the Lions won’t at least consider taking him?

Probable, nope. Could it happen, of course.

Same thing I’m sure Carolina is thinking. If they guy they would have wanted just happens to fall to them, they’ll take him.

I’ll be honest, I don’t get the hype with the BYU guy. Maybe I need to look closer.

As for this blurb, this is what I’ve been saying. Makes no sense to me not to take a QB if one you like falls to you at 7.

I also have my issues with Wilson. If I had to pick one to be a bust (and there will be a bust, there always is), it would be him.

That gets them to trade with Miami not lions.
Lions only need 4 qbs to go before them to get
3rd best non qb. Sewel chase and parsons.

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Odds are that their will be one stud, one solid pro, maybe one journeyman and at least two busts out of the top 5 QB’s

This draft class has a lot of potential and a lot of question marks. It could be a great class or a huge disappointment.

Lance is my pick