Lions cut DE Eric Lee from PS

That’s the 3rd DL cut recently, makes you think that Hand and Daniels might be back soon. Plus, Bryant comes off the DL next week or the week after. Fellas, we need you guys to stuff the run like you were doing last year in the 2nd half and then get after Rodgers.


As usual, nobody is safe! Lol. Hope he enjoyed the check(s)

Was just wondering when the injury report comes out
Will be interesting this week

Injury Report comes out later this afternoon, I believe.

No doubt wise will post it
Looking forward to it
There should be progress

Well, everybody is at practice today except Daniels. Some might be limited, and Hockenson is still in the concussion protocol, but as I understand it, he’s gotta go through a full practice without any ill effects the next day.