Lions D will rank higher than Lions O

I swear those toads are singing “Ooga-chaka Ooga Ooga”. The opening of “Hooked on a Feeling” by BJ Thomas. No wonder Big Natty won’t come out from under his bed.

Yes he would.



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Been “busy”. Not at all disinterested. Been with you in other ways. LoL.

Also what she said. Hahaha


No such thing!!



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I predicted that the offense would rank 6-10. So we agree? I’m not sure what you’re saying is unlikely with the offense.

If the D ranks higher than the O, I will shave my head!

I’m not sure I could possibly be any more handsome, but Natty claims it works.


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These feel like realistic season rankings to me personally

I will shave my head…

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Sixteen more games. Depth will matter.

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And if Toney doesnt drop 4 ez mode catches, the D would be ranked even lower…and if Marv and Reynolds dont have 4 drops and a fumble between them, the O may be ranked higher

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The depth of the D?

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Well this ain’t going to happen

My hair feels pretty safe.


Yeah. Not aging well.
Harris, Alim, Comiskey, Jacobs need to really step it up.
And we need a NT.

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Super high hopes for BroMart

Fingers crossed

also need significantly different play calling….

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