Lions' defense has easier task in weeks ahead, but playoff QBs may be a concern

This is what I’ve been preaching for weeks now.


Yep same here, I tried saying this in the “Chargers last 5 possessions” thread but was told the Herbert was elite so it doesn’t count.
Cowboys, Niners, Eagles all have top passing offenses

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You must feel so aggrieved.

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Nope not at all. Just think it is narrow minded to ignore a glaring issue heading into the playoffs.

cant wait for the shootout(s) in the playoffs

im serious, i think we can beat the eagles, cause their Pass D is shit also, but it will be like the chargers game

goes down to whoever gets the last possession.

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Well you don’t know they “ignored” anything of course. Perhaps they tried but didn’t find a fit.

Pronouncing conclusions with certainty when we as fans have incomplete information seems faulty but what do I know :man_shrugging:


People hate to hear this but in single elimination tournament formats luck can really matter a great deal.

Take the late Brees era Saints for instance.


Yea sorry when I said “ignore” it wasn’t in reference to the Lions (DC and Holmes), I really think they probably tried to address it at the trade deadline and just didn’t work out.
It was reference to the posters here who keep saying the Defense is fine, Chargers game was just an abnormality, when in fact this defense hasn’t done well against playoff offenses this year.

I believe the playoffs will be tough, games will be like the chargers game.

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I mean this does not make you a savant. ALL TEAMS struggle against elite QBs. This is why having one is so important.
This is why the same group of teams end up at the top year in and year out. Or better said the same QBs.
I mean when Brady went to TB suddenly they were Super Bowl contenders.

The Lions have the same issue everyone else has against elite QBs. No better or worse. I am not sure why every one acts like this is a Lions specific issue. Like “THIS” is why the Lions will lose or could lose. Well 100% correct all the time every time.


I understand everyone’s concerns with the QBs. HOWEVER! I think a lot of you are underestimating the importance of a run game.

Go look at SEA, DAL, SF, PHI, MIN losses. Virtually all of those losses they had less 100 yards rushing.

If the Lions Run D keeps playing like they have been, those teams wont be able to run on us, forcing those QBs to air it out more, thats when the D has to set up and force turn overs. Or key 3rd down stops.

Its going to come down to those 4 or so plays on 3rd down where the passing D has to make a stop one way or another. Thats the playoffs.
Again not like KC had an amazing defense last year.


I’m trying to not to be an asshole about the topic but just a cursory glance at the last 4 or 5 NFC champions performances against good Quarterbacks tell you no one consistently slows them down.

That Rams fan was trying to shit on AG for not keeping good quarterbacks to 25 or below and neither time they made the Superbowl recently did they do it in the regular season.

Folks can find the square root of Chase Young’s pressure rate but something as simple as what have recent NFC Champs done against good quarterbacks seems to be too much


Also it should be noted that the last 2 times the Lions faced Rogers they won. And they just beat Herbert who is damn good.

I agree with the idea that step 1 is shut down the running game. Then once you have forced them to pass you hope that you can get some INTs or sacks or force poor execution.

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All true plus motivation factors in as well.

That was to a large extent the 2023 Chargers’ Alamo. In the AFC at 4-4 they almost had to win that game to make the playoffs and save this regime. The Lions could have easily lost that game and still received a nice playoff seed. If anyone has played any sport at any decently high level I think they will understand just how much that can matter.

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Never heard of the church of Nate.

Well the Boys only gave up 17 points to the Chargers @ LA and held them to 219 passing yards.
Just saying

Best friend of the Lions defense is the Offense. The offense will win the games by keeping the defense off the field. Defense is what it is, average at best and gets lite up by good QB’s right now.

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When the Boys lost to Philly. Dak still had a MVP type game. 29/44 373 yards 3 TD.

Why did they lose?
73 rush yards.

How did the lions beat the chargers?
98 rush yards. Forcing Hurbert to make a bad throw resulting in an INT. That was the difference maker in the game.

Thats how you win in the playoffs. No team really consistently shuts down a QB.

But the good teams in the playoffs. Shut down the run game and force the QB to make a mistake. And capitalize on said mistake.

The lions can/have/will do that


Playoff QBs are concerns for every defense. They’re very good.


What happened against Josh Dobbs and the Cardinals?

We say, “it is what it is”, and some hear, “it’s fine”.
The rules are geared to favor the offense. The way to the Super Bowl is a top half defense and a top 5 offense.
The rest is in the hands of the Refs, and luck.


It’s like Scientology except that an order to “go clear” you need to relentlessly post about draft positional value and hypothetical Chase Young trades.